Straight from the pages of the New 52 DC Comics comes BATMAN as he appears in the JUSTICE LEAGUE. His new costume translates perfectly to the 3D of a figure. Check this out:

From DC Collectibles, this 6-inch figure is a must-have for any Bat-fan who wants to keep up with the Dark Knight’s latest evolution. Grab ’em now and be sure to check out the other pre-orders in the New 52 section!

DC Direct’s BATMAN : JUSTICE Figure by Alex Ross

Based on the epic 12-part Alex Ross miniseries, this new figure captures the artist’s signature style both in the design of the body and the detailed sculpting of the face. Take a look:

The 13-inch figure from DC Direct really does justice (no pun intended!) to the striking look of the dark knight and brings to fans a new way to capture the amazing art and indeed the vision of Alex Ross. Batman is packaged in a deluxe window box and the figure itself features an impressive 28 points of articulation. He is also a suitable companion to the Alex Ross-designed KINGDOM COME SUPERMAN


Alex Ross’ KINGDOM COME Superman

Alex Ross has produced some of the most memorable superhero and comic art seen in the last few years. The realism and retro sensibility in every one of his paintings is stunning, the style all his own while still encompassing what was beautiful about so much of the art that’s come before.

Naturally, a style as distinctive as Ross’ is something that is perfect to be captured in three dimensions for figures and statues, but it’s also something do distinctive that it would be very easy to make mistakes. Fortunately, the folks at DC Direct got it right on the original Justice and Kingdom Come and they’ve continued this trend on a brand new 12-inch scale figure of the older Kingdom Come Superman. Check it out!

And if the 12-inch figures aren’t enough or you’re just looking for something with a little more variety, check out the complete collection of 6-inch Kingdom Come figures, featuring all the characters from the epic story.