Kick it like it’s 1966 with the Batman Premier Collection Catwoman statue figure

She’s nothing less than iconic, so she deserves a celebration. Here in 3-D form is the Batman 1966 Premier Collection Catwoman statue figure from Diamond Select Toys, a gorgeous 12-inch offering about to round out your classic Batman collection in the perfect way.

This resin statue depicts Julie Newmar with a hand on her hip and looking into the distance with all the confident assurance of a true superheroine. To honor the year it all began, this statue will be produced in a limited run of just 1,966. Grab yours now by clicking on the image below!


Classic 1966 Catwoman Maquette Diorama statue, true to Julie Newmar’s likeness

Deluxe figures forged in the likeness of characters from the classic 1966 Batman has been what’s hot in collectors’ circles for the past little while, and so we’re stoked to announce a statue addition to the fold! This Catwoman Maquette Diorama is absolutely to die for. She is sleek, gorgeous and beautifully fashioned by the artists over at Sideshow and Tweeterhead,

She’s the first in a series of figures that will make up the Maquette Diorama series, and is sculpted by the talented Trevor Grove. Julie Newmar as Catwoman stands 11.5 inches in height, and is perched on a bronze kitty bust ever-so-elegantly. Me-ow!

"Cats are sleek, cats are fast. Cats are... well... they aren’t mean, they're just wiley. And they will grab your attention in the most seductive way."

“Cats are sleek, cats are fast. Cats are… well… they aren’t mean, they’re just wiley. And they will grab your attention in the most seductive way.”

Paint your own classic 1966 Catwoman!

The classically stunning Julie Newmar is the beloved Catwoman of 1966. The Tony-Award-winning stage actress made the screen sizzle with energy as she played alongside Adam West’s Batman in the original television series. And in light of the fact that the show was released on DVD and Blu-Ray just last month, we think this svelte cat superstar will make the purr-fect Christmas gift!

Crafted in 1/8 scale by Moebius and with incredible attention to detail paid to her feline facial features, this Catwoman comes as a model kit, meaning that you get to paint and glue her just as you like (extra supplies necessary). Her interlocking base forms the Batman logo, and two small kitties purr alongside her as she balances atop a craggy rock with a whip. Reserve her now for delivery during this holiday month.

Cat got your tongue?

Cat got your tongue?