Joining the massive collection of HALO figures is this brand new NOBLE TEAM BOX SET. Featuring six 5-inch McFarlane figures of the members of Noble Team: Carter, the leader of Noble Team; Kat, the second-in-command; Jun, the team’s sniper; Emile, the assault specialist; Jorge, the heavy weapons specialist; and Noble Six, the player character in its default form. It’s a great addition to any fans’s collection and commemorates an incredible gaming experience.


Kat, Carter and Jorge are the latest figures from Play Arts’ KAI SERIES of HALO:REACH Figures. The Kai lines are Play Arts’ deluxe collection, boasting extra high-detail design, a ton of great accessories and a larger-than-usual size of about 8 inches. As per usual, you can grab these guys as individual figures or as a complete set of three. They join the first series, which included Jun-A266, Emily and, of course, Noble Six him or herself.

Now, some Halo fans weren’t thrilled by the ending of Halo:Reach (and we’ll spare you the spoilers here!) and if you were among them, then you might like this Machinima video…