The force is strong with this Pussy…Jedi Cat versus Pitbull Dog

It’s amazing what you can do with a copy of Adobe After Effects, a decent computer, a cat, a dog, a couple of hours and a sincere love of Star Wars, isn’t it?

Just take a look at this epic battle between a pitbull and a Jedi cat. Well, we say it’s a Jedi cat – now we come to think of it, it’s probably a Sith cat. You know, with cats being evil and all.

There they go, scrapping away when suddenly – ‘pshooom’ – a pair of lightsabers ignite from the cat’s paws. Then, it’s the dog who’s on the back foot, looking like the bravest pitbull ever to take umbrage with an animal of a feline persuasion.

star wars lightsabers for sale


It’s not often that Sideshow creates a 6-inch figure, but a character as awesome as he is diminutive is definitely a good reason for them to give it a shot.

Naturally, it’s a beauty. Take a look!

Sideshow’s Yoda comes with everything you’ll need to make Jedis out of your other Sideshow Star Wars figures! You can pre-order him now and he’ll be shipping in the first quarter of this year. As with all of their figures, Sideshow’s added a ton of features. Here they are:

* All new portrait and newly developed articulated 5.5″ tall body
* Detailed costume including robe, tunic, and belt
* Two (2) sets of switch-out hands
* Two (2) sets of switch-out feet
* Cane
* Herb pouch
* Necklace
* Log

In other words, everything you’ll need to make Yoda as awesome on your display shelf as he is in the films–which is actually pretty awesome once you think about all the cool stuff he did. Check him out!


Sideshow’s 12” Emperor Palpatine Figure

A new pre-order has been added to our Sideshow Star Wars collection, which has already included the likes of Darth Vader, Padme Amidala, Lando Calrissian, Ki-Adi-Mundi and many, many more! Welcome the evil Emperor Palpatine.

Based on Ian McDiarmid’s chilling portrayal in the Star Wars franchise, this rendering of the Emperor stands 12 inches tall, features every bit of attention to detail that has made Sideshow the go-to company for high-quality figures and statues. He comes with interchangeable hands, a cane and a Star Wars logo display base and will be shipping in the second quarter of this year.

He’s not the only new addition, though! You can also check out the Coruscant Clone Trooper of the 41st Elite Corps, pre-orderable now and shipping around the same time as the Emperor. If you’re a big fan of that galaxy far, far away, you won’t want to miss out.

The Asajj Ventress Lightsaber

We offer a selection of Star Wars lightsabers over at, weapons from both the light and dark sides of George Lucas’ epic universe. For some they are collectors items meant to be displayed on a mantelpiece and for others they are training, either for a cosplay event or the dark day when Imperial Stormtroopers really do come calling.

The latest addition to the collection hasn’t yet arrived, but is listed on the site and is available as a pre-order. Actually shipping next month, it’s the distinctive curved lightsaber of the great and terrible Asajj Ventress. Some info from her wikipedia page reads:

Ventress is a Dark Jedi, and one of Count Dooku’s Force-attuned apprentices and assassins. She is a powerful warrior with exceptional combat abilities, and desires most of all to join the Sith order. She has many distinctive Sith tattoos and wields dual curved red lightsabers. Her lightsabers can attach together at the hilt, forming a double bladed weapon with a curve in the middle.

You might need to pick up two if you’re truly going to recreate the Ventress experience, but we think you’ll do fine with one–just make sure not to run into any enemies on your way.

Taken 2 Officially Announced, Liam Neeson Remains Awesome

Some would argue that it’s generic, that you know how it’ll end, or that it had too linear a storyline, but try as I might, I can’t seem to care because ‘TAKEN’ IS AWESOME. I watched it months ago off the French release, saw it again when it hit North American theatres and cheerfully carry it around on my iPod. I can’t even be a film snob about it; it’s just such a good time and Liam Neeson’s performance (mostly kicking and/or punching people in the face as he tears across Paris) is bad-ass. Here’s the news from

Taken is getting a sequel, according to a tidbit dropped in the LA Times. The Liam Neeson lead thriller has already made $192 million worldwide and since it’s produced by French action director Luc Besson, you can bet it cost almost nothing to make.

For the sequel, it sounds like Besson and writer Robert Mark Kamen will again collaborate on the script. The question is how do you write a sequel script for a movie that seems as self-contained as this one?

You can’t kidnap his daughter or some other family member again, that’s too ridiculous. You can’t simply make it about the secret spy life being lived by Neeson’s Bryan Mills character either, that misses what made Taken so great in the first place. Taken works because Mills isn’t just a spy, he’s a spy with everything to lose, a spy with his powers completely unleashed in the pursuit of someone he loves. He’s a father, with all the protectiveness that implies towards a daughter, but with spy skills to back that up. I don’t see how you can possibly repeat any of that in another film. But Besson and Kamen forgot to ask me before they started working on a followup. Hopefully they have better ideas than I.

* * *

I hope they take his dog.

I loved Liam in Taken. If you saw the movie, you will know what I mean. Revenge is always sweet. Watch the Bourne Trilogy and let me know. Imagine if Liam was really Qui-Gon Jinn and he was seeking revenge as a Jedi….that would be freakin’ cool….

Sideshow Toys Star Wars Action Figures: Qui-Gon Jinn 12 inch