Dr. Strange joins the Marvel Select team

Diamond Select Toys and sculptor Jean St. Jean have brought us Marvel’s Secret Avenger by the hoary hosts of Hoggoth. Not everyone can boast the title of supernatural defender, but this guy can! He’s a Sorcerer Supreme and is about to take over Hollywood.

Dr. Stephen Strange stands eight inches tall and comes with 16 articulation points for maximum movement ability. Pose him alongside your other Marvel collectibles and conjure up your own cinematic dreamscapes. He comes with a diorama display base depicting his Sanctum Sanctorum. Pretty sick, right?


Clear your shelf for this classic 1966 Riddler bust

Was the legendary Batman television series one of your favorites growing up? Now you can own a tangible memory that leaps off the screen with this Riddler bust! DC Comics is introducing this six-inch-tall, boxed bust in conjunction with Diamond Select Toys. With this guy, sculpted by famed artist Jean St. Jean and designed by Barry Bradfield, Frank Gorshin’s role as the Riddler will now be remembered for all time.

The Riddler is fourth in a line of Diamond Select resin busts based on the show, and rightfully so — alongside the Joker as one of Batman’s chief nemeses, the Riddler can’t be ignored. Set atop a base constructed in homage to the show’s well-known opening animation, this unmasked Riddler is a must-cop for die-hard Batman fans.

Frighteningly happy.

Frighteningly happy.

Presenting Diamond Select’s Carnage, one of Marvel’s most infamous super-villains

The serial killer once known as Cletus Kasady naturally became Carnage after merging with the progeny of the alien Venom during a prison breakout. The creature that emerged from this fateful union was to become even more insane and bloodlust-driven than the original murderer, who was thought to have killed his own grandmother.

New from Diamond Toys’ Marvel Select series is this dastardly psychopath in eight-inch figure format. After the success of their Classic Venom figure with collectors, they’ve decided to come back for more — lucky us! Jean St. Jean, who provided the sculpting expertise on the Classic Venom rendering, has returned to do the same for the former Mr. Kasady. Carnage boasts 16 articulation points and plenty of interchangeable heads, hands and back tendrils. Customize him how you like while having the option of side display with spine artwork. Pre-order him now for a March arrival — it’s not as far away as it might seem!

Carnage may be a ruthless criminal, but we have to admit that getting ripped apart in space is a pretty gnarly way to meet your demise.

Carnage may be a ruthless criminal, but we have to admit that getting ripped apart in space is a pretty gnarly way to meet your demise.

Don’t miss out on this classic 1966 Joker bust

The Joker is one of the most iconic characters in the Batman franchise. Brand-new to the Diamond Select lineup of classic TV show busts is this gorgeously rendered offering! Hearken back to Cesar Romero’s key role on the hit show, complete with the painted-over mustache to add authenticity. Designed by Barry Bradfield with Jean St. Jean collaborating with his sculpting skills, this 6-inch sculpt is ready for you to scoop up and proudly display.

The indispensable Joker.

The indispensable Joker.

The Man of Steel by Lee Bermejo

Lee Bermejo brings his unique style to this new statue of the Man of Steel. Superman has never looked more imposing as he does here, designed by Bermejo and sculpted by Jean St. Jean. With the billowing cape, this statue is an impressive 11” high and features an incredibly metallic shine on hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain.

Battlestar Galactica: Samuel Anders Exclusive

Here’s a loo at the new BSG Exclusive figure we’ve got for sale over at Cmdstore.com!

Samuel Anders was a professional athlete before the Cylon destruction of the colonies. Left to fend for themselves, he and a group of other survivors waged war against the Cylon occupation before being rescued by Starbuck and the crew of the Battlestar Galactica. Though his marriage to Starbuck is difficult at times, the pair have overcome the most extreme of obstacles.

That’s the official word from the folks at Diamond Select, the manufacturers behind this awesome new 7-inch figure. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean studios, it features great articulation but a look that also makes it suitable for display on your toy shelf! The fact that it helps bring back fond memories of the now-ended Sci-Fi series just makes it all the sweeter!