Round two! Batman Black & White Joker statue by Jim Lee gets a second edition

The Joker’s gotten a vintage makeover. He’s always one to make an impression, though, isn’t he? Take a look at the DC Comics Batman Black & White Joker by Jim Lee 2nd Edition statue. Since the first course was such a hit, we’ve been treated to dessert. Sculptor James Shoop brings us this six-inch version of Mr. J, menace to Gotham City and the Caped Crusader’s most notable foe.

Here, he comes true to the early 2000s Batman: Hush aesthetic, gripping his “Bang” gun. Shaded in monochromatic tones and set atop a Bat logo-shaped base, he is packaged in a black-and-white box perfect for gifting or display. Order with the click of the button below!


Harley Quinn bust is back due to popular demand!

Yes, it’s true — the cool kids have officially invited Harley Quinn to sit at their table at lunch. And by that we mean that she was so wildly popular the first time around, DC Comics has decided to bring this bust back for a second run!

Designed by Jim Lee and sculpted by James Shoop, the cutest psychopath in the world gets the bust treatment. Standing six inches tall and wielding her signature mallet, Harley is poised to smash her foes to smithereens. Sporting a mini corset and tiny shorts for maximum aerodynamics, she’ll steal your soul and pierce your ego. Sound familiar? Yeah, she would fit right in in the ranks of any popular-girl clique.


Don’t lie. We know we aren’t the only ones who would vote Harley for prom queen.

She's a maniac.

She’s a maniac.

DC presents new Flash bust, catch him before he slips away!

This isn’t the first bust put out by DC Comics, by far, but it’s arguably one of the most awesome-looking. Designed by well-known comic-book artist Jim Lee and sculpted by James Shoop, this interpretation of that superhero able to move with lightning-fast speed and wipe out any and all foes with the help of his super-human reflexes.

Since 1940, the Flash has captivated audiences in formats ranging from good ol’ comic books to a TV series (and eventually his own movie in 2018)! And here, he’s back in a limited-edition bust with a run of only 2,500. The bust stands about six inches tall and shows the Flash in the middle of his trademark razor-fast stride, about to eclipse the speed of any force in his way. Grab him now while we’ve got him!

I wonder if he gets sweaty going that fast?

I wonder if he gets sweaty going that fast?

The New 52 Harley Quinn busts out of Arkham Asylum

Equal parts spunky and kind of deranged, the lovably ridiculous Harley Quinn has broken herself out of Arkham Asylum and is running to meet you smack-dab in the middle of all of your other prized collectibles! True to the new Suicide Squad vision created by the New 52 folks, the “female Joker” features a blue-and-red ensemble and hairdo and carries a giant mallet, poised to strike. The delightfully weird former psychiatrist’s weapon of choice may be comically oversized, but comic-book fans have speculated that perhaps the hammer is cleverly weighted, allowing her to swing it with the use of centrifugal force. Or she really is superhuman-ly strong. Who knows? That’s part of the charm of this enigmatic ball of charisma.

Capture a piece of the absurdity with this six-inch bust by Jim Lee and James Shoop. Don’t delay on this one as it has a limited-edition run.

Hammer out the details.

Hammer out the details.