AVATAR Sequel Possible?

We’ve already talked about the sheer scale of the mondo-hit movie Avatar, and naturally mentioned the line ot action figures that accompanies any fantasy film with this kind of success. But like every movie these days, it sounds like might be in for a second installment–and definitely not in the decades it took Cameron to conceive of and create the first one!

The GK Men blog has the story…

The popcorn has yet to be swept from the theatre isles for James Cameron’s winter blockbuster Avatar and already the director is announcing plans for sequels.

Cameron, known for his big budget franchises which include Alien and The Terminator, has told MTV he has plans for not one but two sequels for his new blue heroes.

The director, who was also responsible for the epic Titanic movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslett, told the broadcaster that sequels were always part of the plan when he set about creating his hi-tech masterpiece.

“I have a trilogy-scaled arc of story right now, but I haven’t really put any serious work into writing a script,” he said.

However, the subsequent on screen adventures will hit screens sooner than the first part of the franchise as the technology is now already in place, Cameron explained.

“My next goal is to refine the technique, make it easier so it doesn’t take as long,” he added

“We were doing a lot of pioneering work on ‘Avatar.’ It wouldn’t have taken as long if we already knew exactly how to do it.”

Clash of the Titans…in 3-D?

As if I needed even more reason to be excited about the upcoming Clash of the Titans remake, there’s news from Sam Worthington (who can currently be seen in James Cameron’s Avatar) that the film might get a 3-D release and that the buzz around it has allowed them the budget to re-shoot some old scenes and throw in a few new ones. Apparently the extra cash has also given them the chance to include some more Gods, which should definitely be interesting seeing as Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes and Danny Huston as Zeus, Hades and Poseidon respectively already seem to be too awesome to improve upon.

Here’s the full story from Yahoo news!

“Clash of the Titans” will be a race to the finish, star Sam Worthington told the LA Times on Friday.

The mythological action film, due in March, will be shooting additional scenes and bulking up its budget before its release date, the “Avatar” actor told the newspaper.

“We’re going to be going back and shooting more scenes for it, they cut loose with some money so we can add to it,” Sam said, noting that the last-minute shooting would be on a tight deadline.

“We’re going to be shooting more scenes in January, so we’re going to be right up against it — the movie comes out in March,” he said.

But the star said the decisions were based in Warner Bros.’ confidence in the remake of the 1981 film – not to fix flubbed scenes.

“There were some creaky parts but they are the parts that we knew were creaky and that we knew were going to be creaky going into it,” he said. “The studio is also letting us add some gods and scenes. And they’re talking about making the movie a 3D film.”

The Australian actor stars alongside Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes in “Clash,” with “The Incredible Hulk” helmer Louis Leterrier directing. Whatever its new budget, it’s doubtful that it touches the cost of Sam’s current film, “Avatar,” which a New York Times report estimated at $500 million in November.

“Avatar” performed strongly in its first day of release, earning an estimated $27 million domestically.

And if you’re a Worthington fan or just enjoyed the heck out of the cinematic experience that was Avatar, we’ve got a selection of action figures that you can check out over in CmdStore’s Avatar section!

New Avatar Figures!

James Cameron has all but promised that the upcoming sci-fi fantasy, AVATAR, will change the face of cinema as we know it. Though he has offered very few clues about the film itself or the story it tells, his words have made many a critic doubt him and many a fan drool at the prospect of a revolutionary tale from the Terminator creator. Personally, I’m a little on the fence about it as the hype has reached such incredible heights that almost no film could ever hope to live up to it in the eyes of the future watchers. But we’ll see, right?

The film stars Sam Worthington (Terminator Salvation, Clash of the Titans), Zoe Saldana (Star Trek, Vantage Point), Michelle Rodriguez (LOST, Resident Evil), Sigourney Weaver (Alien, Galaxy Quest) and a cast of other top-tier talent.

Before the opening in December 18th, you can already grab some action figures from the film, including a number of strange and wonderful creatures alongside the more mundane humans. Those avoiding spoilers will likely be very confused by some of the items included in Mattel’s toy collection, but it’ll all become clear soon and, until then, just enjoy some very cool-looking items.

James Cameron’s AVATAR Trailer!

James Cameron’s AVATAR trailer can now be viewed right here! This hotly-anticipated movie was the talk of Comic Con and has been called a game-changer for the movie industry, apparently ready to show movie audiences something they have never seen before.

The LA Times has the info:

A day before the “Avatar” preview plays in Imax theaters worldwide, a trailer for the film appeared on the Apple website.

The two-minute-long “Avatar” trailer – available in both regular and HD formats – showcases newcomer Sam Worthington (“Terminator Salvation”) as a paraplegic linked to an alien life form on the planet Pandora.

“Avatar” is the first feature film from Oscar champ James Cameron since he declared himself to be “king of the world” after “Titanic” won a record-tying 11 Oscars in 1997. This 3-D sci-fi film also features Sigourney Weaver — who earned the first of her three Oscar nods under Cameron’s direction for “Aliens” — as well as Michelle Rodriguez and Stephen Lang.

Last month, James Cameron unveiled 24 minutes of “Avatar” at Comic-Con. On Friday, more than 100 Imax theaters worldwide will screen a 16-minute featurette, including an intro by Cameron and several scenes not included in the Comic-Con preview.

The film’s official website crashed Monday under the weight of requests for free tickets for the screening. The preview will unspool at 6 and 6:30 p.m. local time, in advance of the evening showing of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” Fox is also releasing the trailer to cinemas Friday.