Hawk, Dove, Jade and Aqualad join up in this, the third series of DC Direct figures made to celebrate the awesomeness that has been BRIGHTEST DAY. Standing about 6 inches tall, they look just great and capture the vivid colours and sleek designs that defined the arc, which followed Blackest Night and brought the DC Universe into a better age.

Ahead of the reboot, figures like this seem all the more awesome: these designs might never be seen again and some of the characters might just get lost in the fray! Grabbing these is a great idea for anyone who wants to hold onto something that’s slipping away–or just to celebrate what’ll be nostalgia in a few short years.

Brightest Day is Finally Here!

Hawkgirl, Green Arrow, Deadman and Aquaman have finally arrived as the members of DC Direct’s new line. Based on the recent and hugely popular company-wide event, BRIGHTEST DAY, these 6-inch figures faithfully capture the best and most dynamic looks of these characters as they appeared on the pages of the connected comics.

You can grab these guys individually or as a set and they work great as both functional and display figures. Already planned are two more series to follow this one, where you’ll be able to snag Firestorm, Hawkman, Martian Manhunter and Mera (Series 2) and then Aqualad, Dove, Hawk and Jade (Series 3). Of course, if the wait is killing you, you can pre-order and make sure you get ’em sent your way the second they’re shipped out!


Four extremely awesome figures make up the third series of DC’s stunning BRIGHTEST DAY. Check these guys out:

Aqualad, Dove, Hawk and Jade can be snagged individually or as a complete set, joining the likes of Aquaman, Mera, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman and more. You can pre-order them now and they’ll be shipping out in August of this year, with the other two series coming out later this month and June respectively.


Two new figures have just joined the Ame-Comi PVC figure collection and they’re adding a bit of Green Lantern-verse appeal to the line!

STAR SAPPHIRE, Hal Jordan’s longtime love and a superhero in her own right, capable of some pretty incredible things as she uses love, desire and her own brand of awesome to take on any challengers. As Queen of the Zamaronians, she and hers bring a lighter touch to the world of the Lantern Corps.–that is, when she isn’t kicking butt and taking names.

And if you’re a GL fan, then check out JADE, daughter of Alan Scott and lady love of Kyle Rayner, she’s a gorgeous girl who, in this Ame-Comi rendering, seems to be making her own fun.

Jade jams! With a groovy beat and far-out clothes, the daughter of Alan Scott charges the music with a little bit of Emerald Energy.