BANE by Play Arts

Standing an impressive 10 inches tall, this Play Arts KAI action figure of The Dark Knight Rises’ BANE is one of the best figures to join the line and a great addition to any Bat-fan’s collection.

He’s a Japanese import and a brilliant figure. Beyond that, he also features an alternate set of hands, a variety of weapons and a display stand. He’s packaged in a window box for display by those who like to see their figures, but keep them safe from the horrors of dust.


Including all the awesome little details and improvements that have defined his look in the New 52, THE FLASH (Barry Allen) races into action– and promptly stands perfectly still for all eternity as a new statue from DC Direct.

A Kotobukiya Japanese import, this 7-inch ArtFX statue is a shining tribute to the speedster and will hopefully be joined by even more of the DC Universe as time goes on. If you’re a fan of the character, though, be sure to pick this one up — it’s an awesome metallic look that more than suits him.


RAVAGE and RUMBLE make up this new 2-pack imported from Japan. Part of the Takara collection, it’s a duo you’ll have to see up-close to believe, with the articulation and detail sure to impress. Here are the write-ups straight from the source:

Cassette Warrior Rumble is a runt of a Decepticon with a Devastator-sized temper, a temper which is fueled by ridicule coming both from the Autobots and Rumble’s fellow Decepticons. Rumble loves destroying anything in his immediate vicinity, and fortunately his piledriver arms enable him to generate blast attacks and powerful quakes, which makes him one of Soundwave’s more valuable followers.

The most mysterious warrior in Soundwave’s cassette entourage, Ravage is a silent, brooding presence, frequently working alone. He is generally more deliberating than Frenzy. A feral adversary possessing an almost preternatural penchant for stealth, Ravage is versatile enough to be equally valuable in open combat situations and in darker endeavors requiring subtler sabotage.

Sunstorm MP11-S Masterpiece Transformer

If you’re a transformers fan who goes for the best of the best, then look no further than this amazing rendering of SUNSTORM.

A flaw in the manufacture of Sunstorm’s fusion reactor provides him with the approximation of a transcendent glow, simultaneously causing him to emit terrific heat and electromagnetic waves which damage the internal systems of any fellow Decepticons within his vicinity. Barring the installation of elaborate shielding to contain his corrosive emissions, Sunstorm frequently works alone, and this solitude ostensibly fuels his conviction that he, Sunstorm, is in fact a supernatural being; when in the presence of others his professed supernatural status and subsequent pontifications only succeed in further alienating his teammates. Sunstorm reaches an atmospheric speed of 2400 km/h and 16000 km/h in outer space.

The MP-11S Masterpiece Sunstorm measures 13” long in jet mode and stands 10” high in robot mode. Featuring a ton of articulation for optimum poseability, the figure also boasts arm-mounted guns (removable), decals, missile accessories and a sweet missile-rack display base, which supports both robot and jet modes.

JOHN RAMBO by Enterbay

Based on his look in RAMBO III, this 12-inch John Rambo figure is yet another stunning creation from Enterbay.

An import from Hong Kong, the action hero is immortalized in the best possible way, boasting one of the best likenesses ever, plus 25 points of articulation and tons of accessories (including a watch, a jade Buddha pendant and some great clothing options). Order now and Rambo ships out in November!



That’s really all we can say in response to these stunning Enterbay figures. As fans of the films (maybe not the second one, but the first and third for sure), we were waiting on this kind of merch for a very long time. With the kind of visuals this franchise and the passion of the audience it attracts, we’re just surprised it’s taken this long. Take a look:

Imported from Hong Kong, these 12” Men in Black figures feature 40 points of articulation, includes PVC soft plastic skin and boast incredible likenesses of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. In fact, this figure represents the first time–ever–that Smith has allowed his likeness to be used for a figure. The costume design and tailoring comes from Korean figure tailor Addblue. Order now and they ship in November.

Kotobukiya’s Classic Iron Man

Before sporting the sleek look he has today, Iron Man looked a little something like this:

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Created in 1963 by a group of comic book luminaries (including Stan Lee and Jack Kirby), Tony Stark was a rich playboy whose capture during the Cold War led him to create a technologically advanced powered armor suit bristling with weapons and science-fiction gadgets. Best known for fighting enemies such as Mandarin and Crimson Dynamo, Stark would over the years combat his own personal demons as well, making him a very nuanced and interesting character popular the world over. While he would continue to improve and upgrade his armors, the brilliant industrialist/hero would also help found the premiere Marvel superhero group which inspires his latest appearance: IRON MAN CLASSIC AVENGERS!

Coinciding with the Avengers film in 2012, this series celebrates the classic versions of some of Marvel’s greatest heroes. Wearing his classic red and gold armor, Iron Man fights alongside his fellow Avengers to defend the Earth and humanity. Standing on uneven terrain Stark lunges to his left with his arm outstretched to unleash a powerful Repulsor Ray blast at his unseen enemies!

The technological wonder of the Iron Man armor is intricately sculpted with all of the classic components you know and love from the stoic faceplate to the circular generator on his chest, distinctive hip pods, and the bands on his extremities. The suit’s armored chest piece ripples with muscles, while its upper arms and legs conform to Stark’s athletic physique. Iron Man’s paint scheme is resplendent in metallic red and gold, and it really stands out when displayed next to the other Classic Avengers.

Included with the statue are two heads so you can display your Iron Man with his helmet on or bare-headed to reveal the determined visage of Tony Stark! Sculpted by Kotobukiya master artist Erick Sosa, the Classic Avengers Iron Man stands nearly 14 inches tall (1/6 scale). His rocky terrain base matches those on the other Classic Avengers, the previously released Thor and Captain America! Collect your Classic Avengers team just in time for the new film!