New VOLTRON Figures!

We’ve got a ton of brand new VOLTRON figures for collectors who want to go a little retro. From an SDCC Exclusive to the Lions that make him up and the Pilots who run the show, we’ve got it all either in-stock or pre-orderable for a 2012 release! Here are just two examples, both of which you can click to see the rest of the awesome collection!

Deep in his lair, the Lion sleeps tonight … until he’s activated!
Five lions come together to form VOLTRON and you can snag ’em all right here. Each one converts from Lion move to Voltron mode (with one-touch transformation features) and comes with a mouth-blade weapon. In other words, AWESOME.

Ready to form Voltron? Collect all five Lions to complete the gigantic 23″ robot, with multiple points of articulation for endless battle possibilities!

Red Lion: Right Arm Yellow Lion: Left Leg Green Lion: Left Arm Blue Lion: Right Leg Black Lion: Head & Chest

The pilots behind (or, rather, inside) the lions are rendered at a fan-demanded 3.75-inch scale and each one fits into their respective lion (sold separately).

Each pilot figure comes with alternate helmet head, and a key that unlocks the cockpit of their corresponding Lion and activates the one-touch transformation features. Key can also be used as a display base.

There’s strength in numbers! Each pilot comes with one piece of the Voltron Collect and Connectâ„¢ ultra Blazing Sword. Collect all five figures to complete the sword!

Lance: Sword Piece #1 Hunk: Sword Piece #2 Pidge: Sword Piece #3 Princess Allura: Sword Piece #4 Keith: Sword Piece #5


Three brand new Resident Evil figures are on their way from NECA.

A Tyrant, a Hunk and a Crimson-Head Zombie join the fleet of figures from the incredible Resident Evil franchise. Since they’re from NECA, you can definitely expect to find some truly amazing sculpting, great accessories and a level of detail that will do the game justice. Each one comes with a display stand, of course, that allows you to properly show off what are some of the best creepy creature renderings you’ll ever have on your toyshelf.