Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Bakugan Battle Brawlers by Spin master toys

Bakugan B2 Bakupearl

There are sooo many Bakugan creatures (from Series 1,2 to B2 Bakupearls) that your adult brain can get fried just trying to remember them all. It is amazing how our little loved ones know it all and can probably beat us at a Bakugan Trivia Game. I started playing Bakugan with kids that came into our store (yeah, I must have been bored) and actually found it fun. I also got a chance to learn from the kids. I normally play all games that we carry in the store to get a feel of the game play. Half the games I test are usually boring however, I got kind of hooked on bakugan! The game has flaws no doubt but if you get the right collection of balls and cards there is a very nice game here. Below are some popular questions parents ask me in the store before attempting to buy bakugan:

dividerQ: What should you look for when buying bakugans?

A: All kids want bakugan creatures that have a high G power rating (ie. 540G or 670G would be pretty powerful in gameplay). For this reason, we open up thousands of bakugans and sell them loose (so kids can get the specific G-Power rating bakugan they want).   When you buy sealed packs, you are unable to see what the G power is.  We usually open up 10-12 Starter packs before we find a really high G-power Bakugan and that is why they are priced so expensively.   Once they have been removed from the package, the bakugans are called ‘LOOSE’.   If you are buying for a very young child then the G power rating might not be so important.  However, don’t be surprised that your 6 or 7 year old will know about the value of high G power bakugans.  These kids talk among themselves and are very well educated in Bakugan.


Q: What color should I get and what are the names of these different colors?

A: You should buy the color your kid requests. Every kid has their own preferences so make sure you ask them before buying. Below are the names of the basic colors so when your child ask for ‘Pryus’, now you know what color you need to buy. Don’t buy random colors as I have so many parents return to buy the specific color their child wanted. It can save you a trip back to the store and headaches by just asking your child what color they want.  If you happen to see them at your local Wal-Mart or Toys R Us, just concentrate on buying the colors your child likes….you can always return the extra ones you don’t need (however, that is very unlikely).   Be agressive…know the color you want and attack!!!  There will be nothing left if you are unsure and plan to return later on.

  • Red = Pyrus
  • Tan = SubTerra
  • Blue = Aquos
  • Black = Darkus
  • Green = Ventus


Q: What is the difference between Booster and Starter pack?

A: Booster pack consist of a single bakugan. Starter pack consist of 3 random colored bakugans. Each pack will come with metal card(s).  Since each bakugan is sealed in their packaging, you will probably be unable to see what the G-Power rating for each creature.  Pictured below (Booster Packs on the left and Starter Packs on the right):

Bakugan Booster PackAssorted Bakugan Starter Deck


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Bakugan Battle Brawlers Boosters Starters Battle Packs Launchers

Bakugan Arena packed with 6x Single Bakugan

Bakugan Arena Mega Pack with 6x Single Bakugans

The world is being overtaken by Bakugan Battle Brawlers.  Yes…these little marble creatures will soon rule earth.  We have been selling tons of these little creatures from our retail stores and website.  We have opened up thousands of starters and battle packs to fill orders.

Loose Bakugans and Magnetic CardsBakugan Battle Packs and LaunchersBakugan Battle Arena Mega Packs

Here is a quick video of the popular characters/creatures from Bakugan…such as Dragonoid, Preyas, Tigerra, and all…..

Toys on Fire (retail store in Nepean, Ottawa) is having their third Bakugan Tournament held at the store on Saturday, November 8th (starts at 2pm).  For Rules and more info… here.

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