James Reimer White Jersey NHL Hockey Figure Series 30

James Reimer

At 6’2, 208 pounds, Reimer doesn’t have much of a problem filling the net. His style has been described as simply coming out of the crease and challenging shooters to find space around his large frame. When he is on his game, the lanky netminder uses his size to cut down angles and plays a controlled, focused game.  He also displays decent puckhandling skills and is an astute worker.

James Reimer NHL Figure

Jacques Plante Classic Red Jersey Hockey Figure – Montreal Canadiens

My all time favorite NHL goalie is not Patrick Roy….it is the one and only….Jacques Plante.

Did you KNOW:  Plante was one of the first goaltenders to skate behind the net to stop the puck. He also was one of the first to raise his arm on an icing call to let his defencemen know what was happening. He perfected a stand-up, positional style, cutting down the angles; he became one of the first goaltenders to write a how-to book about the position. He was a pioneer of stickhandling the puck; before that time, goaltenders passively stood in the net and simply deflected pucks to defencemen or backchecking forwards.

Jacques Plante Mask

Plante was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1978. His jersey, #1, was retired in 1995 by the Montreal Canadiens.  Finally McFarlane Toys has released Plante’s classic red, white and blue jersey in Series 28.   Just click the image below to buy it online.

Jacques Plante Hockey Figure

McFarlane NHL Series 27 Hockey Figures

We just got our shipment of NHL McFarlane Series 27 today. Not really impressed with this assortment….they could have done a better player selection. This Series includes the following figures:

Wayne Gretzky
Jarome Iginla
Marty Turco
Dion Phaneuf
Evgeni Malkin
Jimmy Howard

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Sidney Crosby NHL Hockey 6 Inch Figure Canadian Exclusive

McFarlane Toys teams up with Canadian Tire to offer premium boxed sets featuring some of the greatest hockey players of all time.  Each figure is sculpted and painted for meticulous accuracy, relfecting the uniform and equipment from across several different eras.  SportPicks figures honor the very best players in history, blending current-day superstars with hockey legends who helped build the game and turn it into today’s widespread success.

Sidney Crosby Exclusive Boxed Figure with Stanley CupSidney Crosby Exclusive Boxed Figure with Stanley CupCanadian Exclusive McFarlane Figures

McFarlane NHL Hockey Series 26 Figures

So happy that I peed in my pants

I was just playing Call of Duty Black Ops with my buddy Thuan (see pic above) when I heard the good news that we will be getting our NHL Series 26 figures on Monday.  I was so happy that I almost peed in my pants (well….just a little bit came out).  I just have one thing to say before I talk about the new NHL hockey figures….Sailor Uranus Rules!  By the way, Thuan is a Big Sailor Moon fan (and he has this hair wig fetish which I am cool with).

You can place your orders for the new hockey series this weekend and we will ship out the orders on Monday.

McFarlane Toys NHL Sports Picks Series 26 hockey figures contain the following player assortment:

Ryan Kesler
Alexander Ovechkin
Zach Parise
Mike Fisher
Jean-Sebastien Giguere
Carey Price
Ryan Miller

NHL McFarlane Hockey Series 26 Figures

todd mcfarlane

Toronto Sport Card Expo 2010

Jean Beliveau signing autograph

Are you into sport cards….then you have to check the largest North American hockey collector show in Toronto.  It will be held on November 12-13-14 (2010) at the Toronto International Convention Centre (across from the Pearson International Airport).

Get autographs of your favorite hockey heroes: Jean Beliveau, Glenn Hall, Ryan Kesler, Ed Belfour, Eric Nesterenko and Marcel Pronovost

The 40th  Sportcard and Memorabilia Expo is sure to please all who attend with over 400 dealer tables of rare cards and nonsport items you are sure to find what you desire.  Many of the dealers have been scouring the world to bring you the best merchandise they can find.  It is a fairly large show with over 100,000 square feet of space.

November 12,13,14 2010 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

Toronto International Centre
6900 Airport Rd
Mississauga Ontario

Adults per Day $ 12.00
Kids 6-12 $3.00
Pre-School FREE

Weekend Pass $ 25.00

Show Hours
Friday 1:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Georges Vezina Rookie Card

The Georges Vezina rookie card was produced by the Imperial Tobacco company of Canada. Imperial Tobacco was founded on June 11, 1908 in Montreal Quebec where its headquarters are still located. This company is believed to have produced the first set of vintage pre-war hockey cards in history. The first set of cards is know as the 1910-11 C56, the following year a second set that includes the Vezina rookie card was issued and is known as the 1911-12 C55 hockey card set. There are 45 C55 cards in all and these hockey cards are much smaller compared to the standard size of todays cards, measuring approximately 1.5 by 2.5 inches. The Georges Vezina rookie card is the most sought after and valuable hockey card in this set (which sold at an auction for over $100,000 in April of 2007).

Georgez Vezina was signed by the Montreal Canadiens in 1910 after they noticed his outstanding goaltending skills when he played against them in an exhibition hockey game. By the time the first NHL season took place in 1917-18, Vezina was known as the best goalie in the league. Vezina’s talent, dedication, and accomplishments, and tragic demise are part of his legendary hockey goaltending status.

In 1916 George Vezina was a part of the Montreal Canadiens’ first ever stanley cup championship team. Vezina was also the first goalie to post a shutout in the NHL. Sadly, he passed away from a deadly case of Tuberculosis. Shortly after Vezina’s death a memorial trophy named after him was created by the owners of the Canadiens. The trophy named after Vezina was given to the NHL as an award to be presented to the most outstanding goalie each season. We know this NHL Award as the Vezina Trophy. When the Hockey Hall of Fame originated in 1945, George Vezina was one of the very first dozen players to be inducted.

Finding a mint hockey card from the C55 set is not always easy but even the lower grades of 2 or 3, which are more commonly found, command prices up to hundreds of dollars. The Georges Vezina rookie card would be the crown jewel of any hockey card collector’s collection. In the years to come it will be interesting to see what the mint graded Vezina rookie will sell for if it ever goes to auction again.   McFarlane toys have not released a figure of Mr Vezina yet….but we hope they will do it soon.  We still have the most recent releases of NHL hockey Series 25 in stock….

NHL Hockey Series 25 Figures