San Diego Comic-Con exclusive: Superman: Man of Steel statue

Another in our recently acquired set of comic-con exclusives (see others here, here and here), this black-outfitted 13-inch Superman statue is based on the iconic film Superman: Man of Steel. Man of Steel was the very first installment in the DC film universe, and was a hit at the box office, being praised for its narrative, visuals, fight scenes and re-imagining of the classic Superman character.

Just like in the movie, this rendering has Henry Cavill as Superman looking contemplative and ready to dole out justice. Caped and standing atop a pile of alabaster skulls, he is slightly turned and looking off into the distance. It’s a veritable work of art, and as a statue, it’s truly remarkable. It is a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive offering, which means a limited run and temporary availability. Snag him today!

Now let me take a trip down memory lane.

Now let me take a trip down memory lane.

Man of Steel : Movie Masters

Superman, Zod, Faora and Jor-El make up the first waves of Movie Masters figures based on the upcoming MAN OF STEEL. Check them out:

Each one is about 6 inches tall and features some awesome sculpting and detail. If you’re already pumped for the movie, we’re sorry to dangle these in front of your nose, but if you’re a collector, then you’ve gotta get on this as soon as you can.


Standing an impressive 13 inches high, this rendering of Henry Cavill in his upcoming role as Clark Kent/Superman in MAN OF STEEL. With his cape billowing behind him, he gazes skyward and cuts an incredibly striking figure. It’s inspiring and gives a lot of hope for what the film will be. Order now and it ships in May!