Massive 23-inch Premium Format Hellboy statue will make your collection iconic

The B.P.R.D.’s star of a paranormal investigator gets a Sideshow makeover as a Premium Format 23-inch Hellboy, as envisioned by author and artist Mike Mignola. First appearing in comics in 1993, Hellboy received the silver-screen treatment in both 2004 and 2008. Summoned from Hell to Earth by a group of dark-arts-dabbling Nazi occultists, you would think that this demon would be anything but a good guy. But thanks to the hatred for the very beings who brought him into the mortal realm, Hellboy is hell-bent on destroying the forces of evil as they come at him. In a series that combines elements of folklore, mysticism, pulp magazines and Lovecraftian macabre, Hellboy represents a rare blend of styles.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hellboy’s existence, Sideshow has collaborated extremely closely with Mignola, making sure to incorporate the chiseled features, high colour contrast and themes of abstraction present throughout his comic-book art. Standing on top of a tombstone base, Hellboy is clad in black fabric shorts and a belt carrying various accoutrements. Armed with a sword and his reliable Samaritan for posture to complement his interchangeable expressions, he’s ready to confront misdoers the only way he knows how — with well-meaning justice. He will surely dominate as the crown jewel of your collection.

Hellboy is [R. Kelly voice] "The World's Greatest" . . . Paranormal Investigator.

Hellboy is [R. Kelly voice] “The World’s Greatest” . . . Paranormal Investigator.


Look out, Bat-fans!

You can now pre-order the new variant edition of Mike Mignola’s entry to the Batman Black & White collection. Standing at about 8 inches tall, this striking rendering of the Dark Knight bears the heaviness and angular quality that sets his art apart. The stark shadows and dimpled-stone design elements make this on of the best B&W statues yet– order now and it’ll be sent your way in February.

The Best of Guy Davis in B.P.R.D.

As Guy Davis departs B.P.R.D., it’s a good time to take a look back on the amazing work he did during his awesome run! COMIC BOOK RESOURCES made an absolutely brilliant list that shows the best and brightest (or creepiest and darkest) of Davis’ work. It’s a stunning look back. Click the pic below to see the rest!

More pics from Comic Con!

As I continue to sort through my Comic Con pics, here are a couple more from my collection. I’ll keep posting them for a while, as they come up. Right now, six pics of toys and costumes!

New from Hot Toys: Hellboy, Edward Scissorhands and The Joker

As a BIG fan of both Mike Mignola and Guillermo Del Toro, I fell in love with the Hellboy movies and, naturally, the figures. Del Toro’s work has led to some really cool aesthetic choices in the toys and they’re on display in the Sideshow figures, the Mezco figures and especially the new figure (above) from Sideshow and Hot Toys. Standing 12” tall, the Hot Toys Hellboy features an amazing likeness to Ron Perlman’s portrayal of the demonic hero and comes with a ton of film-accurate accessories and 28 points of articulation. It’s a great showpiece for any fan and is already in-stock and orderable!

The massive success of The Dark Knight and the tragic loss of actor Heath Ledger has created a huge demand for memorabilia from the film. And now, Hot Toys has created a new Joker figure capturing his look from one scene in the film: The Gotham City Police Joker. With his makeup off and his scars on display, the Joker blends into the memorial service crowd in a chaotic bid to eliminate Gotham’s mayor. It was a jarring moment to see the Clown Prince of Crime stripped bare, yet with all the malice, and has been faithfully reproduced here. It doesn’t ship until December, but you can pre-order now to make sure you get yours.

Now available and in-stock, check out this Hot Toys Edward Scissorhands. From the film that truly made both Tim Burton and Johnny Depp comes a 12” rendering of the eponymous young man. In his eyes is all the sorrow and beauty of the film, and in his body all the exquisite detail that gave the movie its signature look, straight from the mind of Burton. For fans of the film, it’s an amazing addition to their collection.

Mezco’s Hellboy II Action Figures, Series One – Part 2!

Continuing with the reviews of the first series of Mezcos brilliant Hellboy II action figures, we’ve got the 3 other included characters who serve to back up Liz, Hellboy and Abe Sapien. They include my personal favourites from the collection, as well as the villain from the film, who might be the series’ weakest new addition.


The newest addition to the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, German specialist Johann Krauss (voiced by Family Guy’s Seth McFarlane) also makes a great addition to Mezco’s line. Naturally, his suit doesn’t offer a great deal of articulation, but that’s pretty much in-line with the movement of the character. And he comes with alternate hands so that Krauss, an ectoplasmic man, can exit the suit in puffs of ‘smoke’, and also an alternate cracked dome helmet. The sculpting is really impressive–He was the first toy I picked up (for reasons I’ll mention in the next post!) and I think he was a great choice.


Luke Goss’ Prince Nuada is, unfortunately, the weakest of the collection. For reasons unkown, they chose his least appealing outfit from the film, but more importantly, the likeness is way, way off. Admittedly, it’s hard to capture strong features likes Goss’ and make it look perfect, but it’s really off and the thick paint they’ve gone with on this series makes it look a little bulky. The clothing and hair are also pretty bendy and, worst of all, he suffers from the same problem as the Legolas toys from Lord of the Rings: he can barely stand up on his twiddly leggs. It’s a shame, because the character was really visually striking. THe accessories are his weapons, and they’re pretty great, like the rest of the weapons from this collection, and his paint job is very nice, too, especially on the red fabric.


If size matters, then Wink’s already won. But beyond that, this is one stunning figure. He’s amazingly heavy (much like the first movie toys’ Sammael), stands head and shoulders above the other characters and is perfectly detailed. The hairs on his back, the addition of a retractable iron hand (on real metal chain), the detailing of his crest and outfit and the sculpting of his whole body has to be seen to be believed. He’s a great movie monster and he translates beautifully into the Mezco figure. Even the figure’s one weakness isn’t really a weakness: when the figures were being designed, Wink had a different look in the film and his sculpting reflects that. So what the folks at Mezco have done is made it possible for you to order, free of charge, a new head for the figure that is film-accurate. It’s an awesome way for them to tackle the problem and a pretty classy move. I love this item.

Next time: Hellboy II and more! Including Hellebration (what is it?) and some news about the Batman Movie Masters!

Mezco’s Hellboy II Action Figure Collection: Series One! (Part 1)

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Hope that all your 2009 action figure dreams come true!

To start the year off right, we’re going to take a look at some of the latest work from the action figure wizards at Mezco: The HELLBOY II line!

In a summer of massive movies, it was easy to overlook Hellboy II, which arrived a week before the juggernaut that was The Dark Knight. But the film managed to succeed and really make a mark on the movie-going community, bringing the unique vision of director Guillermo Del Toro to the creations of Mike Mignola in an action packed urban fantasy starring Ron Perlman, Doug Jones, Selma Blair, Luke Goss, Anna Walton and featuring the voice talents of Family Guy’s Seth McFarlane. For anyone who hasn’t checked it out on DVD yet, here’s a trailer:

And with the film came the first series of Mezco’s Hellboy II action figures. The figures from the first film were brilliantly sculpted and painted as well impressively articulated for posing and display and these ones follow in that fine tradition.

(and Hellboy variant with sword!)
The Hellboy figure is an awesome one, capturing Perlman’s likeness expertly and bringing a ton of emotion into the expression in a way that’s actually rare in most figures–his snarl also shows off some very neatly painted teeth! And the accessories are to die for, each one perfectly film-accurate and with little flourishes that have always made Mezco toys one of the best. The coat isn’t as sturdy as that of the HB figures from the first film, but it’s easily overlooked. This is a great figure.


The absence of a Liz Sherman figure was the only problem with the waves of figures from the first film, but Selma Blair’s pyrokinetic BPRD agent has finally been brought to figure form! With alternate hands that allow her to carry a gun and light her blue flames, plus detailed clothing and great articulation (especially for a female figure), she’s definitely a worthy addition–even if the likeness isn’t 100%.


The new Abe figure comes with new accessories and switchable hands, so he can finally use a gun like the rest of the agents, bringing out more of his comic persona. The figure’s not quite as well painted as the original Abe Sapien was, but it’s a great figure–the colour is simply just a little too bright and the paint a little too thick in some areas. But with the accessories, articulation and boots, it still deserves a place with collectors.

That’s all for now! In part 2, look for reviews of Prince Nuada, Wink and BPRD special agent Johann Krauss!