Aliens, Aliens and more Aliens.

Only slightly Halloweeny, the Geiger-style aliens from the amazing film franchise are awesome enough to blog about anyway. We’ve got a ton of Sideshow statues and figures both new and old that feature the original aliens from the first films and the new ones from the Aliens versus Predator franchise. Whatever you think of the films, there’s no denying that the folks at Sideshow have outdone themselves in terms of quality and detail with these figures.

There are also non-Sideshow items brought to you instead by McFarlane and Kotobukiya, which can be found in the AvP section of There you’ll find everything from 6-inch figures to Head-knockers and more! Sure to please any fan of the films or their now-classic aesthetic.

And now, in other alien-related news, there’s a new movie coming out that looks like it’s going to be absolutely terrifying. Titled ‘The Fourth Kind’, it’s a creepy tale of alien abduction unlike any other entry to the genre thus far.