Well, if you’re a Masters of the Universe fan, you’ll definitely want to pick this up. His name is Snake Face and he is easily the most terrifying villain in all of MOTU.

Like, are you serious with this horror?


Sporting a super sweet beard, KING HE-MAN prepares to join the ranks of the Masters of the Universe figure collection. From the future of Eternia, he rules in the never-produced series He-Ro, son of He-Man. This is one for the behind-the-scenes fans and is based on concept art. Enjoy!

He-Man Plush Sword of Power

At 30 inches long, this sword is sure to strike fear into the hearts of all you defy you! Provided, of course, that they they have a powerful fear of plush toys. Still, you can at least feel a bit of the power of Grayskull when you hoist this above your head a la He-Man, so if you’re a Masters of the Universe fan, we still heartily recommend it.


The names in the Masters of the Universe collection keep getting better and better, as Castaspella arrives.

Clad in orange, yellow and electric blue, she’s an awesome addition to the collection, adding some extra girl power to the universe. She’s about 6 inches tall, comes with awesome accessories and is currently available for pre-order.

Castle Greyskullman

Well, okay. This is weird.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Masters of the Universe, Mattel brings us a very interesting new character: CASTLE GREYSKULLMAN. Created by Daniel Benedict, winner of the Create-a-Character contest, he’s called the “Heroic Embodiment of Castle Grayskull” and is really just that, a hulking stone warrior who manages to look both absurd and awesome all at once… much like the rest of the collection, we suppose.


Rattlor is an aptly-named rattlesnake warrior and a member of the Masters of the Universe collection.

He stands about six inches tall, features full articulation and comes with a staff, around which is wrapped an even snakier version of himself. If you’re a fan of the line, don’t miss this guy!


I have to admit: if I were going to name this guy, I probably wouldn’t have gone for “Fang Man”. When it comes to the hulking, scantily-clad, amphibian-looking, blue-skinned warrior holding what looks to be an electrode slingshot, the fangs aren’t what stand out.

Fortunately for Masters of the Universe fans, I’m not in charge of things, so you can grab FANG MAN now in our MOTU section. He’s about 6-inches tall, comes with weapon and makes a great addition to your collection.


This is possibly the saddest name to be found in all of the Masters of the Universe collection. Stinkor was bad enough and Snout Spout, too, but there’s something about Slush Head that makes it sound like he himself would be a little sad about the moniker.

Even his face reveals his anguish over being known for what is probably his least favourite body part. He stands 6 inches tall, comes with weapons and accessories and crushing self-loathing.