Hawkman imagined by Play Arts Kai — new designer figure!

Hawkman has never looked so radiant. Looking like he just stepped out of an anime, he’s emblematic of Square Enix’s mastery in their Play Arts Kai design. A staple of the DC Comics world, the winged defender flies high and beats down what he must, but with a powerful elegance that’s all business.

Featuring a color-way reminiscent of anime aesthetic and shown ready to leap into air action with his Nth metal wings, Hawkman stands eight inches tall and comes with a display stand so you can enjoy him for years to come. Thangar’s savior is ready to take out foes in the sky with help from his trusty mace and ability to give gravity the finger. Own him now, he’s sure to be a hot commodity this spring.

Cop the Hawk.

Cop the Hawk.

Skilled markswoman Hawkgirl shoots onto shelves, New 52 and Earth 2 style

The New 52’s Hawkgirl, indispensable ally of Hawkman. First incarnated as Shiera Sanders by DC in 1940, Hawkgirl is now a name that has come to refer to various physical forms of the same powerful, feminine super-force of ancient Egyptian lore. Like Hawkman, she soars through the air with the help of ingenious artificial wings. But she is a triple-whammy with her additional powers of crazy-precise vision and advanced regeneration. Essentially, Hawkman wouldn’t be Hawkman without her. Pick up this essential lady hero this fall.

Acute vision powers and above-human target aim are only a couple of this über-threat's awesome capabilities.

Acute vision powers and above-human target aim are only a couple of this über-threat’s awesome capabilities.

This intense vision of Hawkman by Play Arts Kai will be available for preorder this winter

Master toycrafters Square Enix introduce a new installment in their Play Arts Kai Series with Hawkman, the 8-inch DC collectible. A vibrant color-way and a display stand are two notable features of this winged vindicator. Enemies don’t stand a chance in a free-for-all with this gravity-defying dynamo. Hawkman first appeared in Flash Comics #1, which means that he’s been around since 1940. But this energizing re-imagination, showing Hawkman poised for flight using his Nth metal wings, is all modern — he’s the latest and the greatest potential new addition to your collection come February 2015!

This version alludes to anime aesthetic, but remains true to Hawkman's core.

This version alludes to anime aesthetic, but remains true to Hawkman’s core.

DC Universe – Series 19

It’s here! The 19th series of DC Universe figures has arrived. You can find Sandman, The Atom, Hawkman, Lord Naga, Magog and Stargirl in this new wave and they’re all looking great at 6-inch figures. As ever, collect them all and you can use the included parts to make the build-a-figure, which is S.T.R.I.P.E. this time around!

And you can already pre-order the next series, which includes Green Arrow, White Lantern Flash, Reverse Flash, Hawk, Dove (Dawn Granger), Red Arrow and Sinestro, plus the build-a-figure NEKRON for fans of the Lanterns. It ships in January, but you can snag it now.


Fans of the huge (and growing) DC Universe action figure line can now pre-order the nineteenth series of the 6-inch heroes and villains. They’ll be shipping either at the end of this year or the very beginning of 2012, but either way, you can take a look at what’s on offer right here:

With a S.T.R.I.P.E. Build-a-Figure piece included with every figure, you can pre-order Sandman, The Atom, Hawkman, Lord Naga, Magog, and Stargirl and expect them to ship out the moment we get them in! As usual, they’re a great find for anyone who feels their favourite DC Universe character hasn’t gotten their fair shake in the wide world of action figure awesomeness.

Together At Last: DC versus MOTU

Two follow-ups to Lex Luthor’s face-off against Skeletor have now arrived in our DC 2-Pack collection! No longer a battle between Evil and “Just as evil”, we’ve reached another level of awesome with some new faces:

AQUAMAN VERSUS MER-MAN wage a battle beneath the waves. This whole collection just screams “fan-service” and yet it does so in the greatest possible way, satisfying all the geeks who have ever wanted to play out a round of “Who would win in a fight?” between the DC Universe and the Masters of the Universe. Each figure stands about 6 or 7 inches tall and comes ready with a signature weapon!

If you want to take the war to the skies, of course, that option is also available in the HAWKMAN vs. STRATOS set!


The latest BLACKEST NIGHT figures have arrived! Series 5 is comprised entirely of Black Lanterns, dark versions of the heroes we know and love and a terrifying supervillain bent on a galactic war.

Each one is about 7 inches tall and looks just as vicious as you might expect, ready to bring down what remains of the GL Corps and the Justice League one hero at a time! Here’s the complete set of figures now available and in-stock, a great way to bring the battle for the universe to your very own toy shelf!