A cheery reminder that LEGO would be obsolete without the help of Harry Potter and Star Wars

But seriously.

Source: geekculture.co

Source: geekculture.co

Licensing sprinkles its magical fairy dust all over almost-bankrupt franchises once again! And can we also talk about how it now costs $14,762 to buy every Star Wars LEGO set ever released?! Shiitake mushrooms. GeekCulture explored this issue earlier in the year, and it’s making its interwebs rounds again. What’s clear is that long gone are the days of LEGO being able to sell itself. The kids ain’t buyin’ it. But why not?! What’s more entertaining than multicolored stackable blocks that can be arranged only via exploring literally thousands of creative possibilities and combinations, forcing you to become a tiny ingenue on your bedroom floor?! I could hem and haw about the golden days of Mom hollering at you because she stepped on one of your tiny LEGO blocks embedded in the carpet and subsequently felt the sting of a million burning suns. Really, I could. But I have to go fix myself some prune juice now. And watch Golden Girls reruns. (I’m totally a Blanche, by the way.)


POTTERMORE has officially arrived–for everybody this time. If you were among the lucky few who got into the early, then why are you reading this? Keep playing! If you’re only able to get into it now, then…why are you reading this? Start playing!

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Alan Rickman on the End of Harry Potter

Going to miss the Harry Potter franchise when it comes to an end this summer? I think it’s safe to say you’re far from the only one–even the cast has a hard time letting go. From MTV’s Movies Blog, here’s a look at one send-off…

Saying goodbye isn’t easy. Every “Harry Potter” fan around the world is about to learn that lesson the hard way, if they haven’t already.

But it’s not just “Harry Potter” fans that are struggling through mixed emotions as the series barrels towards its conclusion this summer: it’s the actors as well. Alan Rickman, who stars in the franchise as the chronically misunderstood potions master Severus Snape, had quite a lot to say about the ending of “Potter” in a new issue of Empire Magazine (via BuzzFeed), addressing author J.K. Rowling specifically in a letter crafted for her (and the public’s) eyes.

Voldemort Cat Finds Loving Home

From Jezebel’s Margaret Hartmann comes some good news for those who worried for cat that looks like Voldemort!

A cat in Britain is getting a happy ending despite his striking resemblance to one of literature’s scariest villains. Last week The Telegraph published a story about how Southampton’s Blue Cross Centre was having a hard time finding a home for Charlie, a 14-year-old cat, because his ears and nose were amputated to prevent his skin cancer from spreading.

Veteranarians hoped a Harry Potter fan would be interested in a “Voldemort cat,” and the plan worked. After his photo appeared in the media Charlie received dozens of adoption offers. However, the woman who reserved him first actually isn’t a fan of teen wizards. “They got on really well and we are now making the preparations for him to go home with her at the weekend,” said a spokesperson. “She is not a Harry Potter fan, she just heard of his plight for a nice, quiet home and she could offer him that.”

Now let’s keep our fingers crossed that Terminator Dog ends up as lucky!

Hollywood is Dead

Just spotted on the IndyExhibition Twitter, a link to a poster as cool as it is creepy…

Artist Matt Busch reimagines some of Hollywood’s most iconic posters but gives them a brand new and terrifying look, zombifying members of the cast and adding a kind of gore that’ll keep you satisfied until The Walking Dead comes back next year. Click one of the posters to visit the complete site and enjoy an extremely impressive gallery.

Harry Potter makes box office magic again

'Harry Potter' makes box office magic again

Well done, Potter.

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1” posted the franchise’s best opening ever by grossing $125.1 million this weekend, according to studio estimates. That figure smashes the wizarding series’ prior opening-weekend record of $102.7 million, held by 2005’s “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.”

The new Potter flick also registered the sixth-largest opening weekend of all time, landing just behind this year’s “Iron Man 2,” which debuted to $128.1 million in May.

“Deathly Hallows” launched its weekend spell late Thursday night when 3,700 theaters screened the PG-13 fantasy movie at midnight. Some theaters arranged showings as late as 3:15 a.m.

The movie gathered $24 million from those screenings en route to a Friday tally of $61.2 million, the fifth-best opening day, period. After Friday, “Deathly Hallows” essentially followed the box-office trajectory of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” which was released on the same November weekend last year.

“New Moon” earned a record $72.7 million its opening day, and then fell 42 and 34 percent on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

“Deathly Hallows” held up a tad better, dropping 38 percent on Saturday (for $38.2 million) and an estimated 33 percent on Sunday (for $25.8 million). While Warner Bros. may have preferred a somewhat steadier ride from “Deathly Hallows,” no one’s complaining, least of all moviegoers. CinemaScore audiences gave the movie an “A” grade.

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