Halo Limited Edition Needler Gun Replica is what you need to complete your Spartan armor

Few weapons have such style and grace. Take a look at the Halo Limited Edition Needler Gun Replica, an exclusive release from NECA that’s fashioned in accurate 1:1 scale. This fully realized prop replica will transport you to the barren landscapes of the military sci-fi gaming adventure.

It features LED lights and over a dozen motorized “crystal shards.” When you squeeze the trigger, the crystal shards retract in sequence to simulate being fired. To reload, simply travel to the Sanghelios moon of Suban for extra crystals (or press the reset button located in the grip). Click on the image below and complete your Spartan armor!


McFarlane presents Series 2 of Halo 5: Guardians figures

McFarlane Toys brings us this power quartet straight from the latest installment from the much-loved Halo video-game franchise. Say hello to the Halo 5: Guardians Series 2 set of four figures, the perfect addition to the first wave of action figures from the same collection. The series includes the charismatic Spartan Buck from Spartan Locke’s Fireteam Osiris, as well as exciting, custom-colored Spartans from the Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer!

Plus, each Halo 5: Guardians action figure comes with a free Supply “REQ Pack” code to unlock in-game content which contains a variety of requisitions (REQs) in the form of unlockable weapons and armors, skins, assassination animations and more! Click on the image below to begin.


Step aboard the Halo Combat Evolve UNSC Infinity

This vessel is unrivalled by any other transportation machine in the UNSC fleet. Here’s the Halo Combat Evolve UNSC Infinity straight from Dark Horse toy manufacturers. Infinity is the most powerfully gargantuan vessel ever employed by humanity. That’s a pretty intense calling card, and she definitely lives up to it.

This nine-inch, fully-painted ship is an authentic miniature replica. Make it collection-ready with the included display stand. Hit the button below to add Infinity to your holiday shopping cart.


Halo and ArtFX+ present Mjolnir Mark V and Mark VI

*Beyoncé voice* Baby, I can see your Halo . . . and now you can, too! Take a look at these two new figures from Kotobukiya, the ArtFX+Halo Mjolnir Mark V and Mark VI. This collectors’ box features exclusive cover art made especially for the acclaimed ArtFX+ series. And wait until you get a load of all of the features these guys come stocked with! The rare double set comes with two base tech suits, red Mark VI armor, blue Mark V armor, two magnums and two plasma swords.

And because we’re all about versatility here at CmdStore, the tech suits are compatible with other Halo ArtFX+ armor sets from Kotobukiya. Each tech suit features 10 points of articulation in the upper body, allowing you to re-create the most #fierce and #fabulous poses from the games. And if you thought it couldn’t get any more enticing, armor pieces slide into place with a quick and easy fit. Done deal, dude. Add these two to your cart now. You know what to do.


Baby, I can see your Halo: New series of five-inch figures from McFarlane

Since 2001, the Halo series has titillated the gaming community, and with good reason! A total of 13 releases for a range of systems up until 2017 is quite the accomplishment for a first-person shooter conglomerate. So let’s celebrate the awesomeness (and the upcoming 2016 game) with the Halo 5: Guardians Master Chief, part of the first series of five-inch figures based on the Microsoft creation.

McFarlane has fashioned these new figures in realistic detail, just as they will appear on your screen next year. Apart from the Chief, you can choose from Spartan LockeSpartan Athlon, Spartan Tanaka, Spartan Fred and Spartan Kelly.

Baby, I can see your Halo.

Fifth time’s the charm.

Halo 2, a decade later: Anniversary edition Master Chief

It doesn’t take much for us to get excited about the legendary first-person shooter game Halo 2. And how can we not? Bungie Studios’ 2004 release was the most popular game on Xbox Live for two years straight. It’s the best-selling first-gen Xbox game, and by June of 2006 more than 500 million games of Halo 2 had been played and more than 710 million hours had been spent playing it on Xbox Live.

Those are some pretty staggering stats. So really, what better way to pay homage to such a seminal Xbox-based work than with this deluxe anniversary edition Master Chief from Square Enix/Play Arts Kai? The UNSC Spartan stands nine inches tall, featuring tons of articulation points and striking detail. Appropriately enough, he armed with dual M7 SMGs and a Covenant Energy Sword.

No Halo collection can be complete without this Master Chief!

Master Chiefin'.

Master Chiefin’.

Halo’s Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 created directly from original digital model

Halo is the video-game series that totally revolutionized the first-person shooter gaming experience. Military sci-fi took on a completely new meaning in the midst of the universal battle between the human race and alien alliance the Covenant. And one of the memorable characters that made it all possible is Master Chief Petty Officer John-117. Surrounded by his own mysterious shroud of lore when it comes to the rumor that he’s the lone survivor of the declassified SPARTAN-II project, John-117 is the definition of super-soldier brought to screen life.

This sculpt is as authentic as they come, created directly from the original digital model. John-117 stands 18 inches tall with 30 points of articulation for all the poses you could want. Helmeted and accessorized with weaponry, he’s ready to battle for your collection to be complete.

I wonder if it gets itchy inside that suit.

I wonder if it gets itchy inside that suit.

Halo fans! We’ve got something rad and new for you

Get ready for two new figurines based on the groundbreaking Halo video-game franchise. These five-inch offerings depict the Master Chief in Cloak (shown below) and the Halo 2 Master Chief (with Mark VI armor). The armor is known for its ability to function at 100% in toxic, radiated environments with ultimate resistance. In the game, each suit is valued at the cost of a small starship, meaning that it’s a real treat that this figurine comes completely outfitted in this armor! These guys come in blister-card packaging from the McFarlane toy manufacturers to give that certain “oomph” to your video-game toy collection. We just got them in — don’t wait!

The Master Chief in Cloak is a brand-new Halo figurine available to order now!

The Master Chief in Cloak is a brand-new Halo figurine available to order now!

Halo 4 Video Game Action Figures

Halo 4 Video Game Action FiguresIs Halo still popular?  Have not played it in a while….maybe I should give it a shot again.  We got the new series of video game figures based on Halo 4.

This series contains five different figures:

Master Chief, Elite Ranger, Storm Jackal, Spartan Scout & Spartan CIO.

On a side note:  Each Halo 4 Series 2 figure will include a UNIQUE CODE’ that unlocks exclusive Halo 4 video game content!  I will give these codes a try and let you guys/gals know if these unique codes are any good.

order blue


Halo 4’s KNIGHT is now available as an oversized action figure from McFarlane!

Accompanied by the deadly Scattershot, a bastardized shotgun, this Knight also includes a devastating energy blade. Plus, if you’re a collector of Halo action figures and you’ve already purchased a