9-Inch Play Arts MASTER CHIEF

Imported from Japan, the Play Arts Kai series figure of HALO’s MASTER CHIEF has finally arrived. In celebration of 10 years of Halo (I know, I can’t believe it either!), there’s a brand new rendering of the series’ protagonist and it looks amazing. Standing about 9 inches tall, he’s not just an amazing sculpt with tons of game-accurate detail, but impressively articulated and packing serious heat.

With the original HALO now remastered and ready to go, it might be time to give your display shelf an upgrade, too. It’s a high-end toy and one tailor-made for collectors, but it’s been 10 years and, come on, you’ve earned it.


Joining the massive collection of HALO figures is this brand new NOBLE TEAM BOX SET. Featuring six 5-inch McFarlane figures of the members of Noble Team: Carter, the leader of Noble Team; Kat, the second-in-command; Jun, the team’s sniper; Emile, the assault specialist; Jorge, the heavy weapons specialist; and Noble Six, the player character in its default form. It’s a great addition to any fans’s collection and commemorates an incredible gaming experience.

HALO and MASS EFFECT : Brand New Figures!

Two of the most incredible sci-fi franchises in recent history have just released new figures and they look just stunning. Here’s a peek!

The New Halo: Reach figures join an already massive collection of 6-inchers, sold as individual packs, two-packs and complete series sets. The third series of toys from the one- and two-packs include Spartan Air Assault, Jetpack Trooper, UNSC Support staff and fan-favourite Jun, plus a ton of others. They’re from McFarlane, so you can definitely expect to be impressed by the sculpting, paint-work and general attention to detail that usually makes their toys a cut above.

Grunt, Shepard, Tali and Thane can now be purchased as 6-inch MASS EFFECT figures from the folks at DC Direct, whose video game figures keep getting better and better. As per usual, you can grab these guys individually or as a complete set and look forward to future series’ as more Mass Effect games are made and the fandom grows!


Kat, Carter and Jorge are the latest figures from Play Arts’ KAI SERIES of HALO:REACH Figures. The Kai lines are Play Arts’ deluxe collection, boasting extra high-detail design, a ton of great accessories and a larger-than-usual size of about 8 inches. As per usual, you can grab these guys as individual figures or as a complete set of three. They join the first series, which included Jun-A266, Emily and, of course, Noble Six him or herself.

Now, some Halo fans weren’t thrilled by the ending of Halo:Reach (and we’ll spare you the spoilers here!) and if you were among them, then you might like this Machinima video…


HALO REACH gave gamers a brand new chapter in the Halo mythology, allowing them to explore the days before Master Chief and see the world of the game as it once was. The story and the characters spoke to the heart of the player as well as entertaining them, intricate and inspiring on many levels.

It’s therefore no surprise that the above figures are a cut above the rest, getting more than just the usual treatment and joining the Play Arts collection under the Kai series banner. The Kai series, if you are unfamiliar, is “an improved version of [the] popular Play Arts action figures, with a greater attention to detail, more points of articulation, and additional parts for greater customization.”

Shipping in January, you’ll find Noble Six, Jun-A266 and Emile as the first wave of Kai figures and they’re available for pre-order now, as individual items or in a pack of all three. They join the complete Halo Reach Collection over at CmdStore.com!

HALO REACH: The Kai Series Figures

Those are three new HALO: REACH figures available from the amazing designers and sculptors at Play Arts, a division of Square Enix, whom you might know as the company behind the incredible Final Fantasy collection. They specialise in beautiful figures as it is, but the Kai series takes even their amazing work a step further. From their Press Kit:

Square Enix’s Play Arts ~Kai~ figures are an improved version of their popular Play Arts action figure series. With a larger scale, a greater attention to detail, more articulation points, and additional parts, these are their finest action figure yet.

Featuring Jun-A266, Emile and Noble Six, the first series of Kai Halo figures stands about 8-inches tall and comes decked out with all the weaponry you would expect from a trio of soldiers. They’re currently available as pre-orders and will be shipping out in February 2011!

In the meantime, if you haven’t snagged REACH yet, here’s the Amazon link where you can grab it!

HALO REACH for the XBox 360

HALO REACH: New Figures Have Arrived!

Halo fans can now snag the newly-arrived HALO REACH 6-inch action figures over at CmdStore! Though the vehicle section reminds on pre-order, we’ve just gotten a shipment of the character figures, both in one- and two-packs–all of which can be purchased individually or in sets of the entire series. Here’s a look at what you’ll see in each one!

Noble 6 with Assault Rifle
Jorge with Jorge’s Machine Gun
Emile with Shotgun, Knife
Spartan with Assault Rifle
Elite with Needler
Grunt with Plasma Pistol

Spartan 2-pack: two customized Spartan Soldiers in classic red & blue team colors
UNSC Trooper 2-pack: two UNSC troopers in a ‘light’ and ‘heavy’ version
Noble 6 & Elite 2-pack: features a unique version of both – ONLY available in this set