Wonder Woman and Batman/Catwoman costume accessories are now in!

They’re here! The perfect accessories for your next costume or superhero-themed party. And yeah, Halloween may have just passed, but there are plenty of excuses to dress up throughout the year — even if it’s only to prance about in front of the mirror.

This brass-and-stone Wonder Woman crown, pictured below and based upon the classic costume donned by Linda Carter in the legendary TV series, will look nice and shiny perched atop your head — all the better to distract and/or blind your enemies before you take them out, right?! We kid, but seriously, this superheroine bling is a must-have. We’ve also got her red star cuffs to complete the ensemble, and even bat-eye sunglasses if you want to switch up superheroes! Snap them up.

Better than any princess crown.

Better than any princess crown.

Horror Movies mini-collection in Reaction Series is the perfect trick-or-treat

Boo! Get scary, get spooky and prepare your tastebuds for insane amounts of candy in the true spirit of the season. Part of the Reaction Series, this “Horror Movies” sequence will help you remember your old favorites amidst the fresh autumn chill. choose from Freddy Krueger of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, Michael Myers of Halloween, Pinhead of Hellraiser, Sam from Trick ‘r Treat and The Crow of The Crow — or scoop up all six to round out your frightfully delightful ensemble of characters! Don’t get too scared and run away, now.

Freddy is one of six Horror Movies figurines offered in the Reaction Series this fall.

Freddy is one of six Horror Movies figurines offered in the Reaction Series this fall.


If you’re in the HALLOWEEN spirit, then perhaps you’d like to take a look at the three new Michael Myers items we’ve just gotten in-stock from the action figure and collectible masters at MEZCO.


Based on Michael’s appearance in the sequel to Halloween, this deluxe 12-inch figure boasts real fabric clothing and comes with the hacking knife that the killer has made one of his signatures. Packaged in a window-box, it’s one that’s sure to please both fans of the franchise and any collectors looking to add to their horror display.

There’s something to be said for adding a touch of artistic flair to even a barbaric killer and here’s the result of an artist’s eye added to the classic look of Michael Myers. With the hands of a brute and the glare of a psychopath even behind the mask, this stylized figure adds something truly different that fans will likely appreciate.

Well, I don’t think Michael Myers will ever be considered ‘cute’, but this is as close as you can get. A 14-inch plush toy, Michael’s still got his bloody knife, but he remains one of the very few psycho-killers you can happily take into bed with you. You know, if you’re into that.

Horror Movie Toys and Paranormal Activity 2

As Halloween approaches, our thoughts turn to the dark and sinister, to the creepy and the outright terrifying…and to our very favourite horror movies. Here’s a selection of the horror collections we’ve got in-stock. If you don’t see your favourite listed, be sure to check out our complete movie action figure section for more films including The Wolf Man, Corpse Bride (Not horror, but Halloween-y!), Alien and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre!


With tons of figures in a ton of different waves, you’ll find the likes of EVIL DEAD’s Ash, Beetlejuice, SHAUN OF THE DEAD’s Shaun, SILENCE OF THE LAMB’s Hannibal Lecter, GREMLINS’ Brain and many more! Check it out!


If you enjoy THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, LEGEND, BLAIR WITCH, or CHUCKY, then you’ll want to peruse this section, which brings a ton of characters to life as highly-detailed 6-inch figures. If your tastes run weird, it’s a great line.


A line that throws together MICHAEL MYERS, JASON and LEATHERFACE is one with which it is hard to go wrong come Halloween! Blood, guts and action figures!


More specific than the previous categories, this one’s all about Freddie and the films in which he’s starred. A very cute Living Dead Doll, a 12-inch figure and a few 7-inchers help add some diversity to a character who has haunted dreams for decades!


The now-iconic Jigsaw Puppet and the man himself are available in this, which represents perhaps the newest horror franchise on the list and one that began the so-called “torture porn” trend that has defined horror in the 00s. As the series comes to a close, what will be the next wave?


David and Michael are two figures in NECA’s Lost Boys line and you can get ’em both right here. These 7-inchers are an absolutely perfect way to commemorate the film and to look back fondly on the 80s, a time of some very new and very different kinds of horror.


Hellraiser: Either you get it or you don’t. But if you do, then you might enjoy snagging creatures and characters like Angelique, Chatter Beast, Butterball, Wire Twin, Pin Head and more!

Which brings us, of course, to some very recent horror: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. The folks at DreadCentral have been keeping a close eye on the viral campaign and the latest developments are my favourite thus far. No clicking around, no videos, no sounds, just a straight-forward ad, at first…

Go ahead. Send in your very own paranormal experience. Because if you do, then you might just get a letter in return. It looks a little like this…

What’s next? Well, we’ll have to see. And if things don’t get sorted soon, at least we can hope for answers when the movie comes out on the 22nd!

Halloween Post Part 2: Videos and Vlogs

1) The Ten Steps
This short film manages to pack a lot of creepiness into it’s less-than-ten-minute runtime. An eerie atmosphere, a couple jump scares and a finale sure to send chills down your spine, it’s a great straightforward piece that reminds of some of the best Creepypasta out there.

2) Number two is a short called No Through Road, detailing an ill-fated drive through the English countryside. You can watch it right here…

3) A documentary style piece, Metalosis Maligna is a creepy look at a fictional ailment suffered by those whose bodies react poorly with their metal implants…

4) The Cat with Hands might seem cute at first, but within a few minutes, this brilliant animated piece takes a turn for the terrifying.

5) NIN fans might recall this next one. A quick clip from the trailer from the Year Zero launch manages to creep you out just by being so utterly strange…

6) And finally, here’s a blog/vlog that seems to be building into some kind of ARG (Alternate reality game a la Year Zero above] or at least a strange and mysterious little story. It’s called Manifestations and it details the strange happenings in a man’s home as he tries to observe a paranormal entity he dubs The Watcher.

NECA Cult Classics: The ICONIC Series

For a film to go from mere cult hit to a true cult classic, it doesn’t have to win any popularity contests, nor does it have to creep its way into the mainstream. Rather, the test that will determine the films that can call themselves true “cult classics” is the test of time. In ten years, will its fans still embrace it with the same fervour? Twenty years? Thirty? Films like Evil Dead, Gremlins, Flash Gordon and a host of others seemed to already have cemented their place in the annals of cult film history, but we can look forward to a future of many more fringe movies kept alive by fans.

And of course, when fans want to keep something alive, it isn’t only the production and distribution companies that respond: the toy-makers get involved, too! Which means that action figure lines like NECA’s Cult Classic collection probably won’t be slowing down anytime soon!

So far, they’ve already released more than eight sets of toys, ranging from characters like American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman and Silence of the Lambs’ Hannibal Lecter to Die Hard’s John McClane and the eponymous Shaun of the Dead. But now, over at CmdStore.com, you can find the latest sets of toys, plus a brand new series available for pre-order!

The new group of figures is known as “The Iconic Series” and for good reason: here are five characters who have not only withstood the test of time, but have become a part of a lexicon beyond that of film students or superfans. Even those less than crazy about non-mainstream film will definitely be familiar with these five: a Gremlin (Brain), Hellraiser’s Pinhead, Halloween’s Michael Myers, Beetlejuice and The Crow’s Eric Draven. For those merely seeking their favourite, these 6-inch figures can be purchased individually, but collectors can also pick ’em up as a set. Just click the link below to take a look!