Get inside Half-Life with the Life-Size Prop Replica Crowbar

Bring Half-Life to real life! Fend off those Headcrabs with the Half-Life Life-Size Prop Replica Crowbar, inspired by the wildly successful video game. Jinx Inc. brings us the ideal tool for scientists looking to unravel the great scientific mysteries.

This foam replica is life-size, allowing you to re-create your favorite scenes from the game. Click on the image below to reserve yours now!



The HEAD CRAB PLUSH is a great new find for Half-Life 2 fans and anyone who wants a chance to let go for a while and let a parasite do their thinking for them. About a foot long, it’s perfectly sized to snuggle up with, place on your head and use to alarm your friends and compatriots.

If you’re keen on getting your head under this thing, you can pre-order it now and be among the first to receive it in August.


The heroic, bespectacled lead from Half-Life 2 is at last given his action figure dues. Feast your eyes:

The Gordon Freeman action figure from NECA stands about 7 inches tall and comes with some awesome accessories sure to please fans. He boasts 2 sets of interchangeable hands, a crowbar, a bugbomb, and a gravity gun– along with a headcrab. Add that to the amazing detail and you’ve got something pretty special.