San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic Con exclusive two-packs

Phew! That headline made us have to come up for air a little bit, but that’s what it is, folks. It’s two new and ultra-exciting exclusives from two of the biggest comic cons in the entire world! Manufactured in a very limited run, these little green boxes pack not one, but two 3.75-inch-tall punches each.

Hal Jordan and Saint Walker are our first inseparable twosome (pictured below). Saint Walker is a spiritual beacon in the fantastical world of Astonia, eventually becoming the first member of the Blue Lantern Corps tasked with holding onto hope for the universe in the midst of a galaxy torn by misdeeds. He later endeavors to inspire Hal Jordan to be the Blue Lantern Corps’ new leader, entwining them in a partnership that cannot be torn apart by evil. They are manufactured in a run of 3,000, which makes them even more collectable. We’ve also got John Stewart vs. Atrocitus, a New York Comic Con exclusive also released in a limited run! Own the legendary duo and the epic nemeses in time for the holiday season!

If you like it, then put a (Blue Lantern power) ring on it.

If you like it, then put a (Blue Lantern power) ring on it.

Green Lantern Simon Baz

Simon Baz is a new Green Lantern for the New 52, replacing the presumed-dead Hal Jordan. Chosen for his incredible triumph over fear and adversity, Baz is a truly impressive character and one of the best additions to the DC Universe since the reboot. This awesome figure stands about 6 inches tall and features brilliant detailing. He’s in-stock and ready to go so grab him now!

Green Lantern to be relaunched as Gay Superhero

Green Lantern, one of DC Comics’ oldest and enduring heroes, is coming out as gay.

The change is revealed in the pages of the second issue of “Earth 2,” out next week, and comes on the heels of what has been an expansive year for gay and lesbian characters in the pages of comic books from Archie to Marvel and others.

But purists and fans note: This Green Lantern is not the emerald galactic space cop Hal Jordan who was, and is, part of the Justice League and has had a history rich in triumph and tragedy.

Instead, said James Robinson, who writes the new series, Alan Scott is the retooled version of the classic Lantern whose first appearance came in the pages of “All-American Comics” No. 16 in July 1940.

And his being gay is not part of some wider story line meant to be exploited or undone down the road, either.

“This was my idea,” Robinson explained this week, noting that before DC relaunched all its titles last summer, Alan Scott had a son who was gay.

But given “Earth 2” features retooled and rebooted characters, Scott is not old enough to have a grown son.

“By making him younger, that son was not going to exist anymore,” Robinson said.

“He doesn’t come out. He’s gay when we see him in issue two,” which is due out Wednesday. “He’s fearless and he’s honest to the point where he realized he was gay and he said ‘I’m gay.'”

“It was just meant to be – Alan Scott being a gay member of the team, the Justice Society, that I’ll be forming in the pages of `Earth 2,”‘ he said. “He’s just meant to be part of this big tapestry of characters.”

It’s also another example of gay and lesbian characters taking more prominent roles in the medium.

In May, Marvel Entertainment said super speedster Northstar will marry his longtime boyfriend in the pages of “Astonishing X-Men.” DC comics has other gay characters, too, including Kate Kane, the current Batwoman.

And in the pages of Archie Comics, Kevin Keller is one of the gang at Riverdale High School and gay, too.

Some groups have protested the inclusion of gay characters, but Robinson isn’t discouraged, noting that being gay is just one aspect to Scott.

“This guy, he’s a media mogul, a hero, a dynamic type-A personality and he’s gay,” Robinson said. “He’s a complex character.”

Green Lantern Classic 6 Inch Action Figure Series 1 - Kyle Rayner


If you were a fan of the BLACKEST NIGHT story arc over in the DC Universe, then you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this 4-figure box set of 6.75-inch figures. Packaged with the figures is a 48-page trade paper back, BLACKEST NIGHT SPECIAL EDITION #1, featuring GREEN LANTERN #40 and #41 by Geoff Johns, Philip Tan and Eddy Barrows and BOOSTER GOLD #27.

In this set, you’ll find Indigo Munnk, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Black Lantern Blue Beetle and Star Sapphire Fatality! It’s a pre-order and if you want to snag it now, you can expect it to head your way in November!


SERIES 4 of DC Direct’s Green Lantern collection is now available for pre-order, shipping way out there in November of this year. If you’re a GL fan, though, you might consider these guys a foregone conclusion so feel free to order away!

Joining the likes of Hal Jordan and Black Hand, Star Sapphire and Cyborg Superman are four new figures that you can grab individually or as a set. Green Lantern Arkkis Chummuk, Green Lantern Power Glow Hal Jordan, Green Lantern Stel and the terrifying Red Lantern Guy Gardner are all here and look stunning as highly-detailed and beautifully sculpted 6-inch figures.


A new 5-figure Green Lantern box set has arrived! Take a look–

The DC Universe Exclusive 5-Pack “GREEN LANTERN’S LIGHT” unites Pre-Parallax Hal Jordan with gray temples deco, Green Lantern Sinestro, John Stewart with Mosaic deco, an all-new Tomar Re, an all-new Guy Gardner and, of course, five Lantern Power Batteries to keep these guys in fighting shape.

The pack was created to celebrate 75 years of awesomeness from DC Comics and is especially relevant now, at a time when Green Lantern’s DC-wide events have been so popular. They’re a great way to commemorate an incredible character OR tide fans over until the release of the upcoming GL film!

Green Lantern: BLACKEST NIGHT Series 6

The sixth Series of DC Direct’s 6-inch BLACKEST NIGHT figures has arrived and is ready to be snagged, either a individual items or as a full set of four. They’re a high-quality, brilliantly-sculpted collection and, together, they create the complete Blackest Night universe and all the Lantern Corps’ that created it. Check out Black Lantern Hawkgirl, Blue Lantern Flash, Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Star Sapphire Wonder Woman!

And if you’re a big Green Lantern fan, the good news doesn’t stop there! We’ve also just gotten the DC Universe Green Lantern Series 1 in-stock, featuring six awesome figures and a larger-than-life Build-a-Figure to boot. Here’s a look at Kyle Rayner, Sinestro Corps Mongul, Black Hand, Manhunter Robot, Sinestro Corps Low & Maash and Black Lantern Abin Sur! Note, however, that Manhunter Robot might not be available for the first couple weeks, but we’ll be shipping him out the moment he arrives!

White Lantern Sinestro: The WonderCon Exclusive Arrives!

Missed this year’s WonderCon? Aching to snag their exclusive White Lantern Sinestro figure? Then look no further because we’ve got it in stock and ready to go!

The Green Lantern’s nemesis, Sinestro, appears here as a White Lantern, a reflection of the dramatic events of DC’s massively popular Blackest Night. It’s a limited edition figure with only 1500 having been produced and an exclusive meant to stand against the just-as-unlikely Hal Jordan Black Lantern figure.

He stands at about 6 inches tall and, like most of the Lantern figures, comes with a ring you can break out on those days when you feel the need to suit up and save the world–or take it over. Whatever works for you!

Check it out!

Green Lantern: Blackest Night Figures

The new Blackest Night toys have now arrived!

Featuring characters from the massively popular Green Lantern arc, Blackest Night, these DC Direct figures stand 6 inches tall and feature some of the sharpest sculpting and design out there. The first series includes Boodikka, Saint Walker, Earth-2 Superman and Atrocitus, each with their own ring.

You can snag those ones now, but for fans of the series who want to get ahead, we also offer pre-orders for ALL the upcoming toys, including Aquaman, Arisia, Star Sapphier and more! Check ’em out by clicking the pic above or following this link to CmdStore’s Green Lantern Collection!

Green Lantern News, Toys and Fan Trailer!

Briefly mentioned in our last post, Ryan Reynolds will be taking on the roles of not only Marvel anti-hero Deadpool, but also DC star Green Lantern. IOL‘s got the news!

[Reynolds] is in the final stage of meetings for the much sought-after lead in the upcoming Warner Brothers movie based on the 1940s comic book hero, beating off competition from a host of stars including Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto and Justin Timberlake.

Director Martin Campbell and producers Donald De Line and Greg Berlanti have spent several months finalising casting after they each favoured different actors for the part.

If negotiations go well, Reynolds – who recently starred in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ and is to appear in the spin-off ‘Deadpool’ – will be the only actor to have played superheroes for both Marvel and DC Comic brands.

The ‘Green Lantern’ comic follows a pilot called Hal Jordan who is given a power ring and battery by a dying alien. By receiving the gifts, the otherwise ordinary man is instantly transformed into Green Lantern – a man who is “utterly honest and born without fear”.

At present, ‘Green Lantern’ is scheduled for release on June 17, 2011.

It’s pretty exciting stuff and the films for rival comic book companies will definitely help Reynolds show off his versatility–or just his ability to look awesome in full-on action sequences. Although for some, the news of his casting is little more than a disappointment; for quite a while now, a fan campaign has been pushing for Nathan Fillion to nab the coveted role as Hal Jordan. And when an impressive fan trailer hit the web, the desire to see the former Firefly/Serenity star take on the Green Lantern hit a fever pitch. Here’s a look:

And finally, more for Green Lantern fans! DC Direct has a line of Green Lantern: Blackest Night figures on their way. From Boodikka to Kryb to Atrocitus, you’ll find Lanterns of every colour (and the Sinestro Corps) in this 6” collection. You can pre-order now and have them shipped to you in a couple months, or you can check out the collection that’s already in-stock. Just click the pic below!