Bioware To Un-Crush Your Soul

Still peeling yourself off the carpet after the ending of Mass Effect 3? Well, The Australian has some good news…

FANS of “Mass Effect 3” had reason to rejoice after the top-selling video game’s makers agreed to rewrite its ending — which has been raising the ire of players worldwide.

While developers BioWare had originally hinted at 16 different endings, gamers soon found that no matter how skilfully they tackled the intergalactic action role-play, there were only three possible endings for the key characters, The Times reported.

All the endings, gamers moaned, were bleak.

Taking their gripe to Facebook, some 50,000 fans campaigned for a better ending for “Mass Effect 3,” which has sold 2.4 million copies since its release on March 9.

“It just crushes your soul,” campaigner Sebastian Sobczyk told The Times. “It’s like if ‘Star Wars’ ended with the deaths of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia. For the love of God, give us a nice ending.”

BioWare heard the gamers’ appeals, with the Edmonton-based company’s co-founder Ray Muzyka saying, “Our first instinct is to defend our work and point to the high ratings offered by critics — but out of respect to our fans, we need to accept the criticism and feedback with humility.”

In an online post, Muzyka said the disappointment of fans had been “incredibly painful” and as a result the developer would provide “more clarity for those seeking further closure to their journey.”

BioWare did not specify if the revamped version will be available via an update or a patch. It said it would provide more details next month.

And as we wait for the release, you can pre-order the first wave of Mass Effect figures from Big Fish. Take a look and order now!

Mass Effect 2 – Series 1

Though Mass Effect 3 (and its endings) are now behind us, we can try to remember the good times with these upcoming figures from Big Fish. Two waves are coming this Spring and both are pretty amazing. The first one features Male Shepard, Thane, Tali and Grunt while the second will bring Garrus, Legion, Miranda and Mordin. No word on why we don’t have female-Shep, but with Bioware handling so much fallout over their ME3 decisions, we assume they’re just busy.

New CRYSIS Figures Coming Soon!

Gamers might already have snagged the awesome CRYSIS NANOSUIT figure above, but if you’re among the fans who’s thirsting for something more, then you’ll be pleased to know that, later this month, the 7-inch Nanosuit will be joined by a series of six 3.75-inch Crysis figures. They’re from NECA and so you can definitely expect the detail and sculpting to be absolutely incredible–they’re a studio that knows a heck of a lot about capturing the likeness of even the most elaborately designed characters. You can check out their work on this line below!

HALO and MASS EFFECT : Brand New Figures!

Two of the most incredible sci-fi franchises in recent history have just released new figures and they look just stunning. Here’s a peek!

The New Halo: Reach figures join an already massive collection of 6-inchers, sold as individual packs, two-packs and complete series sets. The third series of toys from the one- and two-packs include Spartan Air Assault, Jetpack Trooper, UNSC Support staff and fan-favourite Jun, plus a ton of others. They’re from McFarlane, so you can definitely expect to be impressed by the sculpting, paint-work and general attention to detail that usually makes their toys a cut above.

Grunt, Shepard, Tali and Thane can now be purchased as 6-inch MASS EFFECT figures from the folks at DC Direct, whose video game figures keep getting better and better. As per usual, you can grab these guys individually or as a complete set and look forward to future series’ as more Mass Effect games are made and the fandom grows!