The Amazing Spider-Man Figures

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN figures are on their way! Pre-Order now and June will bring the first wave of extremely awesome 3.75 inch figures. Check them out:

Mega-Cannon Spider-Man, Symbiote Strike Spider-Man, Capture Trap Spider-Man, Hydro Attack Spider-Man, Grappling Hook Spider-Man, Symbiote Snap Venom, Glider Attack Green Goblin and Power Arms Dr. Octopus make up the first series of figures and grossly overstate the movie we’re all anticipating this summer– I don’t know how many times Spider-Man will use a mega cannon, but I have the feeling it will be less than once. Still, the figures are pretty rad and you can grab ’em individually or as a complete set.

Check out the new Spider-Man Movie Trailer:

Pre-Order: Marvel Select GREEN GOBLIN

The GREEN GOBLIN is Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis and though there have been a ton of different versions of the character throughout the years, there’s a classic look that he always seems to return to! Take a look at this great new figure celebrating a very classic GG.

It’s a Diamond Select release designed by Art Asylum for Marvel Select and brings Spider-Man’s greatest villain to life in the most awesome of ways. He’s got 16 points of articulation, stands 7 inches tall and is perched atop his Goblin Glider. He comes in oversized packaging that makes him perfect for those in-the-box collectors!

Marvel Select: The “Best of” Series Pre-Order

The Marvel Select Collection has become synonymous with high-quality, brilliantly-sculpted figures that bring out the best in a variety of characters from the Marvel Universe, both well- and lesser-known. Over the past few years, we’ve seen heroes and villains, wide-release figures and exclusives and a number of different styles from modern to some first-appearance items and it’s added up to form a pretty sizable catalogue. Which only makes sense when you know that’s heading our way next, the BEST OF series. A three figure series you can grab as individual items or in a set, this line collects three of Marvel Select’s most successful toys. They will be shipping next year, but you can already snag ’em over at CmdStore’s Marvel Select section. And here they are: