Rounding out the Horde is Entrapta, the fiercely tressed lady herself

Seen early on in the animated She-Ra: Princess of Power series, Entrapta is an intense, tigerish technician. Skillfully inventing several contraptions to be used by the Horde in battle, as well as possessing the ability to control her mane at will for combat purposes, Entrapta is a character all her own.

We’re pretty sure that her name must be synonymous with “a force to be reckoned with” in Grayskull-speak. Mattel brings her to us in 6-inch, blister-packaged format this autumn. She’s a Masters of the Universe Classic you won’t want to miss out on.

Mistress of the Universe.

Mistress of the Universe.

Plush He-Man Sword of Power

Well, we don’t advice going up against your enemies with this one, but it’s still something fun to add to your room’s decor or your complete super-soft He-Man outfit.

This Mattel plush sword of power measures about 30 inches and, despite its construction, definitely still channels the awesome power of Grayskull.