McFarlane SportsPicks: NBA Legends

We’ve just gotten a shipment of NBA Legends figures from McFarlane SportsPicks! It’s the fifth series of the 6-inch Legends collection and fans will be pleased to see some of the greats get their dues in this massively popular line of figures.

Series 4 features Magic Johnson (2), Dan Majerle, Joe Dumars, Karl Malone 2, John Havlicek and Hakeem Olajuwon. Each one is brilliantly sculpted in a pose that captures all the action of an NBA game and comes with a base and ball.

We’ve also got the new Collector Level assortment cases of NFL figures, a new series of NHL figures and NLB figures on their way! If you’re a fan of the McFarlane SportsPicks collection, you’ll definitely want to take a look.

Series 20 of McFarlane NFL has Arrived!

Tony Romo 3, Eli Manning 3, Michael Turner (black uniform), Larry Fitzgerald, Ben Roethlisberger 2 and Philip Rivers comprise series 20 of McFarlane’s massively successful line of NFL football figures.

They join dozens of other 6-inch toys already released, plus the 3-inch and 12-inch collections, plus the exclusives and box sets. For fans of the game or fans of the toys, this new set is sure to add a real kick to your collection.

And even if football isn’t your bag, there’s no shortage of items for fans of baseball, hockey, basketball, golf and even NASCAR (it’s kind of a sport, right?). You can take a look at the selection available over at our online store by clicking the banner below!

Tiger Woods Action Figure is here!


The return of Tiger Woods to the Golf world is a welcome to the economy.  Can this one single man stimulate a slowing golf market?  The answer is:  YES.   Tiger’s return to golf will definitely add some much need exposure and money to the Golf Tours.  I stopped watching golf on TV when Tiger was not playing and with his return I plan to follow his games.

With that said….we just got a shipment of Tiger Woods Pro Shots Golf Action figures….just click the image below to get a better view.

Tiger Woods Pro Shots Upper Deck Series 2 Action Figures