CLASSIC THOR Statue by Bowen Designs

Bowen Designs is responsible for a ton of the great, classic Marvel busts and statues that have been released over the years. From Mystique to Kraven, Iron Man to Dr. Strange, almost every character in the Marvel universe has been immortalised by these guys. And now, there’s a new 19-inch statue that captures the awesomeness of the Mighty Thor through the lens of the Bowen crew. Take a look!

I say thee nay!

Spinning Mjolnir at a blinding rate, this amazing sculpt stands 19 inches tall and is ready to unleash the fury of Asgard on his foe. Randy Bowen’s amazing design suits the character perfectly. If you’re a fan of the God of Thunder, this is one you’ll definitely want to snag.

Thor Movie Action Figures

Just got news from Hasbro that they are producing new 3.75 inch figures (similar to the Marvel Universe line) based on the upcoming Thor Movie starring Chris Hemsworth.  Have you seen the Thor movie trailer yet?  If not, check it out at YouTube below:

We are expecting them next month so you can pre-order them now.  The figure assortment will consist of:

Battle Hammer Thor
Sword Spike Thor
Lightning Clash Thor
Secret Strike Loki
Shield Bash Marvel’s Odin
Mystery Figure (Unknown as of this posting)

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