Major Bludd Sideshow GI Joe 12 inch Figure

Major Bludd Hot ToysSideshow Collectibles presents the Major Bludd Sixth Scale Figure. The COBRA organization’s go to mercenary gets the Sixth Scale treatment, joining our acclaimed GI JOE Sixth Scale figure series. Fully loaded with an impressive array of weaponry, along with a highly detailed costume and accessories, Major Bludd is a must have addition for any JOE or COBRA collector.

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Joe Colton GI-Joe Sideshow Figure

Joe Colton GI-Joe Sideshow FigureThere is one man Roadblock and his team can trust, and that’s none other than the original G.I. Joe himself, Joe Colton. Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are proud to present the Joe Colton Sixth Scale Collectible Figure, one of Hot Toys’ 2013 Toy Fair Exclusives. Featuring the likeness of Hollywood heavy hitter, Bruce Willis, the movie accurate Joe Colton figure includes a highly detailed head sculpt, tailored costume, and a generous array of weapons and accessories.

The Joe Colton Sixth Scale Figure features:

Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Bruce Willis as Joe Colton in his military uniform from G.I. Joe Retaliation
Approximately 12 inches (30 cm) tall
Newly sculpted head
Body with over 30 points of articulation
Six (6) interchangeable palms including:
One (1) pair of gun shooting palms
One (1) pair of relaxed palms
One (1) left fist
One (1) right palm for gun holding
One (1) military green uniform
One (1) pair of black boots
One (1) belt with pouches
One (1) left knee pad
Three (3) gun holsters
Five (5) small ammo clips
One (1) big ammo clip
Two (2) climbing buckles
Figure stand with Joe Colton nameplate and the movie logo
One (1) machine gun with silencer and strap
One (1) shotgun
Three (3) pistols

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GI-Joe Ninja Special Ops – Eaglehawk Helicopter

Eaglehawk  GI-Joe HelicopterTake your G.I. Joe adventures to the sky with the Eaglehawk Helicopter! This heavily armed aircraft can handle any battle with its swiveling machine guns, and it’s got missiles and torpedoes to pound the Cobra forces. Your Lift-Ticket figure can stay in touch with his allies with the radio headset accessories. When he needs to save one of his fellow soldiers (other figures sold separately), the helicopter’s opening rear cargo and working rescue winch will do the trick! You’re cleared for takeoff to ninja adventures with the Eaglehawk Helicopter! G.I. Joe.

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Sideshow’s SNAKE EYES and TIMBER

SNAKE EYES and TIMBER are the latest additions to Sideshow’s amazing line of GI JOE figures. Naturally, they’re some of the best figures out there and any fan of the franchise can agree that they’d make a fantastic addition to a display shelf. Take a look below:

With some amazing crafstmanship and articulation on both figures, this is a good choice if you’re looking to get into the higher-end collectibles. The Snake Eyes and Timber Sixth Scale Figure features:

Snake Eyes – Prometheus Body – Muscular Arm Version with 16 points of articulation
Timber – Fully Posable with 12 points of articulation
Two Snake Eyes Portraits – one with visor, one with goggles
Detailed costume includes a TAD Gear Messenger Bag, Commando Sweater, and other new fabric elements
Grenade Launcher with multiple grenades
Assortment of switch-out hands
Pistol and Holster
Daito Sword

THE BARONESS by Sideshow

Beautiful and deadly, the Baroness is the latest release from Sideshow Collectibles’ GI Joe collection and she might be one of the best.

She’s built at a 1:4 scale, standing an impressive 22 inches, with each piece hand-finished and painted, allowing every statue to feature its own unique qualities and attention to detail. Whether you’re team JOE or COBRA, she’s one villain you’ll want to add to your collection. She comes with a sidearm holder with 1911 .45 calibre pistol, as well as an AP assault rifle.