The 5 funniest April Fools’ Day gaming gags for 2015

April Fools’ Day isn’t actually an official holiday (seriously, can we make it one? Imagine a day off to play pranks on your unsuspecting pals!), but if you’re reading from Canada, the U.S., Europe, Australia, Brazil or India, you’ll most likely be able to appreciate a first-of-April joke or two. And for gamers, there are a few especially great treats that the bigwigs have set up for us to enjoy. Golly!



According to EuroGamer, here are some of the April Fools’ themed “Easter eggs” you can peruse while on a coffee or study break today:

So happy April Fools’ Day, everybody. Please try not to be that annoying dude or dudette refilling the sugar container with salt, okay? Be creative! *winky face emoji*

Would swipe right/10. (Source:

Would swipe right/10. (Source:

Gaming on the iPhone 6 Plus — yea or nay?

If you’ve been breathing and/or have registered a pulse in the last month or so, you’ll know that the iPhone 6 has officially entered the realm of mere mortals. Thanks to the benevolence of the Apple gods, overnight lines, Chinese resale controversies and a totally, utterly ridiculous amount of hype are a few of the heavenly things to have accompanied its release. But one main question occupying the minds of tech-addict gamers is — will this make my life easier?

Kyle Russell of TechCrunch explains how the iPhone 6 Plus’s wider screen will decrease his necessity to keep switching between his phone, laptop and/or PlayStation Vita. “It’s actually a surprisingly good device for [gaming],” he says, while demonstrating with an iPhone 6 Plus propped up on a table. “It’s got a great screen, it’s powerful.”

Spider-Man Unlimited is one of the games he tests out. Likening it to Temple Run, Russell mentions that it’s “addicting gameplay that you can do one-handed.” No controller necessary here, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used.

Consumers initially expressed concern that the bigger screen would make interacting with the device cumbersome with one hand, but Russell says that’s “perfect” for gaming. Lego: The Lord of the Rings is the second one he tests out, finding that the 6 Plus’s larger touchspace is perfect for two-handed gameplay when the device is used horizontally. “But at the same time, I feel like you’re missing out on having this giant 1080p screen,” he laments, which is understandable.

Ultimately, the bigger, wider iPhone 6 Plus is definitely more helpful to gamers. But there are, as always, sacrifices in image quality and “full” gaming experience when you’re playing on a hand-held screen. Either way, if you’re a gaming junkie and are due for a phone update, maybe the iPhone 6 Plus wouldn’t be the enemy.

Watch Kyle’s full video assessment here.



Batman’s Back in Arkham City!

Head to the iTunes store, Bat-fans! You can now download a brand new Batman adventure that sees the Dark Knight headed back into Arkham City to take on the likes of Solomon Grundy (above), Two-Face and even Deathstroke. It’s a bit of good news for anyone who’s been missing the Arkham City streets since the game’s release in October. No, it’s not the exciting new expansion DLC we’ve been waiting for, but at only $5.99, it’s a worthwhile addition to your collection and something new and pretty special for app-lovers.

Check out this review from Kotaku:

Batman’s Return to Arkham City is Triumphant, But Short

Batman Arkham City: Lockdown is an entertaining, graphically lush chance to beat your way through four of Arkham’s most notorious villains and their henchmen on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

It’s a visually rich, combat intense brawler that has you swiping and poking your way through hand-to-hand combat with Two-Face, Deathstroke, Solomon Grundy, the Joker and all of their henchmen. You get to level up your Batman, unlock a handy selection of gadgets and can even purchase four different takes on The Bat.
The $5.99 universal iOS game was developed by NetherRealm Studios, the folks behind Mortal Kombat, using the Unreal Engine, the same tools used to create the impressive Infinity Blade games for the iOS. And you can tell. Lockdown feels a bit like Infinity Blade Batman with a touch of Mortal Kombat thrown in for good measure.

Much of the game has players viewing Batman side as he stands a few paces away from his enemy, punching, kicking and ducking. Players swipe left, right or up to punch and kick. Some combinations deliver special attack combos as well. To dodge, you tap the screen at the right time and to deflect an attack you swipe down.

Occasionally, bad guys go into a sort of unblockable rampage mode. When that happens the glow red and you need to duck their special attacks, which are highlighted with exclamation points.

As you play through the game you earn Waynetech Credit which can be used to increase Batman’s training, giving him more health, faster reaction and stronger hits. You can also use the credit to purchase equipment. He comes with a rechargable health pack which can be upgraded. You can also by shock gauntlets, smoke bombs and unlock the ability to summon swarms of bats to attack enemies.

All of these specials appear as icons along the bottom of the screen. You just tap them to activate them in a battle.

The fights are broken down into sections of the city. Once you clear an area you’re returned to a map where you can select where you want to go next. The map includes four quadrants, one each for the villains. Each quadrant is broken up into four locations, three filled with henchman and the last the boss battle.

While boss battles always end with pretty straight forward fighting, they also contain some nice additional touches. In one you will be tilting your device to control the flight of a Batarang as it chances down an enemy. In another you need to tap the screen to break a hold.

Overall, Lockdown is a fun, surprisingly high fidelity experience. It does suffer from a little bit of chug on my iPhone 4, but not enough to make the game unplayable.

My chief disappointment was that the henchmen are a bit too similar, their attacks a bit too canned throughout the short-lived experience. I managed to play entirely through Lockdown in a single couple hour play session. Which is fine, but replaying the game, something Lockdown encourages you do to continue to unlock Batman’s abilities and equipment, isn’t nearly as fun the second time through. The game would be a lot more fun if they increased the variety of enemies and perhaps added new elements on additional play throughs.

Another neat addition to the game are the three other Batman suits you can buy. These suits, Animated Series Batman, The Dark Knight Returns Batman and Batman Beyond, aren’t just skins, they each adjust Batman’s health, damage and speed stats. They also seem to change his fighting style and animations. Each cost $.99, which seems a bit pricey to me, but I purchased Batman Beyond and am enjoying replaying the game as a completely new sort of Batman.

Finally, the game packs in an impressive, eclectic mix of extras. There are short bios for eight characters (including two I haven’t seen in the game yet, so maybe there are more surprises in store for me.). There are also achievements, 16 Wallpapers and, this is the most baffling, digital versions of the comics Arkham City #1, 6 and 7. I don’t know why those particular comics are included, nor why 2 through 5 aren’t, but it’s a nice freebie. Unfortunately the viewer is a major pain to use, but it is free.

Batman: Arkham City Lockdown is worth the $6 pricetag, but only just. If the team pumps out new, free content, the sort of free content we saw with Infinity Blade, then I’d say it is a must buy.

New GOD OF WAR III Action Figures

New GOD OF WAR III figures are now available from DC Direct and it’s an understatement to say that they look fantastic. The game is already known for its lush visuals and the over-the-top (in the best possible way) character design and these 6-inchers capture it all perfectly. Plus, they come with a bunch of weapons that mean you are just one purchase away from staging some pretty ridiculous fights on your very own display shelf.

Conjurations 2010: A Montreal Gaming Convention

In the Montreal area and looking for an awesome way to geek-out with other gamers, LARPers or just some fellow genre-fans? Then you’ll be pleased to know that Montreal is once again going to be home to an event known as Conjurations.

Conjurations spans the weekend of May 15th to 16th, 2010 and takes place at the Church of St. John The Evangelist, corner of President Kennedy and Kimberley (137 President Kennedy Avenue, Montreal, Quebec, H2X 3P6, Place des Arts Metro). The hours are as follows:

Saturday, 10 AM to 10 PM
Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM

You can expect RPGs, Miniature boardgames, LARPs, CCGs, wargames and more! The admission is $10 for the whole day, $5 if you’re running one game and FREE if you run two or more games. Learn more by visiting Conjurations online at

And look out, creators! From the Conjurations website, we have this information:

We are looking for people to run games (board games, DMs, GMs, CCGs, etc.). If you have the urge to show off your favorite game, to run that cool scenario that you’ve been conjuring up, or to meet new people who have the same hobbies as you, then this is your chance! E-mail us right now at Tell us what you want to run. Multiple events are welcome. Don’t be shy; amaze us with your imagination.

Hope to see you there!

World of Warcraft Action Figures: New Premium Series Pre-Orders

With World of Warcraft as wildly popular as ever, I have to say I’m looking forward to a generation of fantasy gamers going on to become parents. No, WoWers are not known for being the most romance-minded of people, but all the same, you know it’s bound to happen. And when it does, I’m thinking that the baby names are going to be rad. Having a son or daughter? How about Garrosh Hellscream? If that doesn’t work, maybe Taz’Dingo? No? Okay, what about Gangris Riverpaw?

Those are all names from the DC Direct premium figure collection based on the World of Warcraft, which I have to admit I have not gotten into. But my appreciation for outlandishly-named characters definitely trumps that and so I hope that we’re seeing the beginning of a very real trend. Personally, though, I think I’ll try to be conservative and stick to naming my future child

For now, though, I suppose, action figures it is. Here’s a look at what we’ve got on offer over at Some are already available, two ship in July and two ship way out in November. All 4 of the upcoming figures are already available for pre-order. Now click Garrosh to take a look!

You can also check out the full World of Warcraft action figure collection!