Yo, Joe! Five new 50th anniversary two-packs from Hasbro’s G.I. Joe

The Hasbro hero is back with five new two-packs! These ten new figures will allow you to grow your collection in one hit. Take advantage of this awesome opportunity with the G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Wave 3 Exclusive set of five two-packs. The toy heavyweights rolled out Waves 1 and 2 to fête Joe’s half-century birthday, and they just keep on comin’!

Chock-full of articulation and accessories, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to own Classic Clash (Spirit vs. Storm Shadow), Marine Devastation (Gung Ho vs. Cobra Shadow Guard)Hunt for Cobra Commander (Shipwreck vs. Cobra Commander)Swamp Steam (Blowtorch vs. Python Patrol Croc Master) and Troop Build Up (Steel Brigade vs. Iron Grenadier). Better yet, cop all five together and benefit from our package price!

Enjoy your Sunday cuppa Joe.

Enjoy your Sunday cuppa Joe.

Ride around in style with the G.I. Joe Desert Duel Vehicles box set

When you think of classic heroes, it’s only natural that G.I. Joe comes to mind. He’s been fighting bad guys and enacting justice for over 50 years now, which we think is pretty impressive. We’re proud to offer this G.I. Joe Desert Duel Vehicles Box Set, a definite must-have for the quintessential G.I. Joe collector. Re-create combat scenes with the help of vehicular power as G.I. Joe and Cobra hash it out in battle of good versus evil.

The Cobra Basilisk and G.I. Joe F.O.E. Striker are driven by the Cobra Elite Horseman and Philip “Chuckles” Provost, a true treat for any real Joe fan. A rotating missile launcher and torpedoes are just two of the meticulously detailed features on the Basilisk and Striker. Don’t miss out on this fantastic set.

Yo Joe!

Yo Joe!

G.I. Joe celebrates his 50th with five new two-packs from Hasbro

There aren’t very many pop-culture figures that are as timeless as G.I. Joe. With a following that spans generations, he’s one of the most important fictional characters of our time. So what better way to get stoked on him than with this G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Wave 3 set of five two-packs?

That’s right, we’ve got five figure duos for a special bulk price so you can cop all the toys you need to complete your collection guilt-free. From Spirit vs. Storm Shadow to Steel Brigade vs. Iron Grenadier, we’ve got you covered. Don’t miss out on these 10 brand-new offerings from Hasbro!

Two (packs) are better than one.

Two (packs) are better than one.

G.I. Joe has turned 50! Multiply the celebration with four new two-packs

After half a century of taking out bad guys in the name of justice and the red, white and blue, G.I. Joe has come a long way from the four original branches of Action Soldier, Action Sailor, Action Pilot and Action Marine. The G.I. Joe toy was seminal in helping coin the term “action figure”, sprouting into a huge industry with its own ever-expanding universe of collectors, buyers and sellers, and just plain old fans. Although he started as a solo adventure hero, his team has become pretty packed since 1964, and these new anniversary two-packs are hard evidence!

Hasbro brings us the Night Marksmen and Heated Battle two-packs in one set (pictured below), and the Arctic Ambush and Social Clash duos in another. Each set contains four figures in 3.75-inch format, with a total of eight new figures in this anniversary series. Make sure you grab them and take part in this worldwide birthday party!

Yo, Joe! These are just four of eight new G.I. Joe anniversary figures.

Yo, Joe! These are just four of eight new G.I. Joe anniversary figures.

Calling all Ontario collectors! Toy show this weekend in Toronto

This Sunday, head over to the 11th Annual Action Figure Expo to get your collecting fix in the GTA. This show will have tons of cool stuff going on, including several special guests. Former professional wrestler Rocky Johnson (the father of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) killed it on his own part in the 1970s and 1980s, and he’s here now to help you relive some WWF memories. Principal and seminal writer for the G.I. Joe comic-book franchise (and writer for other series such as Wolverine and Elektra) Larry Hama will be signing autographs and greeting visitors all Sunday. It’s the G.I.’s 30th anniversary this year, so what better way to celebrate?

The show will be held on September 28 at the Delta Meadowvale Resort and Conference Centre (6750 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, Ontario) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There’s free parking, and bring a toy donation for Toys for Tots if you want to get in early. The show will feature a huge selection of vintage 1980s toys, as well as all that’s hot now from the franchises of Masters of the Universe Classics, Star Wars, Transformers and the like.

Can’t make it to this one? Make note in your calendar of the Ontario Collectors Con on January 26, 2015. Don’t miss these important chances to connect with other collectors and industry heavyweights!


Larry Hama, American comic book artist and writer for the G.I. Joe franchise, will be meeting fans in Mississauga on Sunday.

Major Bludd Sideshow GI Joe 12 inch Figure

Major Bludd Hot ToysSideshow Collectibles presents the Major Bludd Sixth Scale Figure. The COBRA organization’s go to mercenary gets the Sixth Scale treatment, joining our acclaimed GI JOE Sixth Scale figure series. Fully loaded with an impressive array of weaponry, along with a highly detailed costume and accessories, Major Bludd is a must have addition for any JOE or COBRA collector.

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