Montreal Mini ComicCon at Place Bonaventure 2011

Just got back from the Montreal Mini Comic Con held at the Place Bonaventure last Sunday (May 1, 2011).   Half of the admission proceeds were donated to the Red Cross for the Japan Relief so it was a good cause.  We had 3 booths and it was pretty slow….luckily we had tons of food to keep our bellies happy.  We had Banh Mi  (Vietnamese baguette sandwich),  BBQ pork and Curry beef buns.   Screw the veggies….we just wanted our carbs.

It was a beautiful Sunday and it was tough working and manning the tables with weather like that.  Anwways…as promised, here are some pictures from the show….we had a little helper with us….and she was NOT camera shy.  There was an actual wrestling ring set up near our booths and the noise was bothering the little flower girl.

Montreal Comic ConMontreal ComicCon Convention ShowMontreal Comic Book and Toy Show

Saturday, May 2nd: Free Comic Book Day! Plus, new comic figure pre-orders!

Don’t forget!

This Saturday, May 2nd, is Free Comic Book Day! An international event celebrated by most major comic book retailers where you can pick up a number of free comic books from indie publishers, as well as from the Big Boys like Marvel, DC and Dark Horse. All told, there are about 2 ooo ooo publications being given away, so get thee to a comic shop this weekend and enjoy! Just watch out for lineups: the crowds are going to be huge!

* * *

Meanwhile, over at our online store, we’ve got a ton of comic-related action figures. And it would take a while to list ’em all, of course, but here are a couple of the upcoming items we’re getting ready to add to our shelves. You can already order all of them for pre-order, of course, but they don’t ship just yet! To get a look at what else we’ve got in store for the future, you can always take a look at our pre-order page here.

The Marvel Legends Universe figures make up a very successful line and this latest series includes some hotly-anticipated new additions: Ultimate Captain America, Green Hulk, Grey Hulk, Green Goblin, Ronin and Iron Fist. This batch ships in May.

Kenzei Hiro, Peter, Nathan, Elle and the Haitian make up the latest series of figures from NBC’s Heroes. They’re from Mezco so you can expect some pretty decent articulation with the detail. Shipping in May!

Wheter or not Alan Moore likes it, his creations are getting a ton of merch (including that from Watchmen) and the latest is this new 13-inch figure of V, from the graphic-novel-turned-film, V for Vendetta.