DC Gallery 10 Inch Statue Crossover Series – Superman vs The Flash

Name: Superman vs The Flash
Category: DC Gallery
Series: Crossover Series
Manufacturer: DC Comics
Type: Statue Figure
Size: 10 Inch
Packaging: Boxed

Description: Sculpted by ALTERTON and ALEJANDRO PEREIRA-The Man of Steel and the Scarlet Speedster square off in this premium polyresin statue sculpted by Alterton and Alejandro Pereira, inspired by the classic SUPERMAN #199! Limited Edition of 5,000; Measures Approximately 10.4″ Tall.


The Flash ArtFx statue figure is here from DC Collectibles

Now you see him, now you don’t. Your collection will gain record momentum with the DC Collectibles ArtFx The Flash statue figure from Kotobukiya, an incredible new design rendered in meticulous 1/6 scale. This guy is extra-special as his look is taken from a concept illustration drawn by Jim Lee himself at a special talk show/interview event held at the Kotobukiya store in Akihabara.

It doesn’t get much more authentic than this. Sculpted by Koei Matsumoto, The Flash takes his place next to other Matsumoto sculpts based on Jim Lee artwork such as the Superman: For Tomorrow, Batman: Black Costume, and Wonder Woman ArtFX statues. Add him to your cart by clicking on the photo below.


The CW’s Flash gears up for its second season in six-inch format

Never has the boob tube been so captivating. If you’re a devotee of the CW’s much-lauded series about the bow-toting hero, you’d know! Introducing the DC Comics Flash the CW figure, a six-inch offering that is sure to cozy up alongside your other comic-book-based collectibles just fine. Sporting interchangeable hand parts and a svelte, scarlet costume, he’s totally dreamy (in a super tough way, of course).

And as we’re gearing up for the second season of the beloved show at the beginning of October, there’s no better way to get ready. Prepare the popcorn! Own the Fastest Man Alive for display in your very own lair today.

Gone in a Flash.

Gone in a Flash.

This CW Flash statue jumps right out of your screen

There’s truly no hero quite like the Flash. He’s got it all — strength, wit and killer special abilities. And when it comes to his on-screen persona, it’s hard not to fall in love. CmdStore presents this Flash statue, a fantastic new collaboration between DC Comics and sculptor Steve Kiwus based on the hit CW series.

This brand-new rendering of the popular superhero will add that something extra to your collection. TV buffs and comic-book heads alike will adore this stately 12-inch statue.



The Flash in statue form, based on the hit CW TV series

Imagine being so awesome that you need an entire TV show all to yourself. We can believe it when it comes to the Flash, who gets full on-screen treatment in The Flash as the costumed superhero known in everyday life as the unassuming Barry Allen. Since the producers of the show focused especially on making Flash look as much like his comic-book self as possible, we’re in for a treat with this statue figure.

A collaboration between DC Comics and sculptor Steve Kiwus, this version of the Flash stands 12 inches tall and is poised mid-stride. Arms at his side with his hands balled into fists, he is ready to dole out justice however he needs to within the realm of Central City. So, have you convinced yourself you need him yet? We sure have. Pre-order him now for shipment come September.

Flash a make her dance.

Flash a make her dance.

DC presents new Flash bust, catch him before he slips away!

This isn’t the first bust put out by DC Comics, by far, but it’s arguably one of the most awesome-looking. Designed by well-known comic-book artist Jim Lee and sculpted by James Shoop, this interpretation of that superhero able to move with lightning-fast speed and wipe out any and all foes with the help of his super-human reflexes.

Since 1940, the Flash has captivated audiences in formats ranging from good ol’ comic books to a TV series (and eventually his own movie in 2018)! And here, he’s back in a limited-edition bust with a run of only 2,500. The bust stands about six inches tall and shows the Flash in the middle of his trademark razor-fast stride, about to eclipse the speed of any force in his way. Grab him now while we’ve got him!

I wonder if he gets sweaty going that fast?

I wonder if he gets sweaty going that fast?