Star Wars Times Square Freeze Mob Video

Plainclothes warriors join the battle among Jedi and Sith in the first ever lightsaber freeze mob duel in the heart of New York’s Times Square. Watch as over 100 fans joined the battle to celebrate the launch of STAR WARS™: The Old Republic.

Star Wars FX Lightsabers

Intro to the video game, Star Wars The Old Republic on

Ghostbusters Exclusive Figure: Walter Peck

EPA officer Walter Peck is the latest addition to our Ghostbusters collection and an exclusive item that the fans are sure to love-slash-covet. Here’s a look:

He stands about 6 inches tall and, naturally, comes with a containment unite that should be useful for trapping any and all malevolent spectres you might encounter on your toy shelf. You just never know what you’ll run into, do you?

Although, if we’re going to start talking about bringing the ghosts into the real world, I think we should probably start at the recent improv event that took to the New York Public Library and went viral shortly after. It’s a loving homage to the Ghostbusters, for one thing, but it’s also an experience I’m pretty bummed out that I missed out on. Just once I’d like to find myself in the middle of a flash mob, whether they’re singing, dancing or…this: