Re-live Final Fantasy XII with this Play Arts Kai Fran figure

If Final Fantasy is your thing, we’ve got something special for you. Take a look at the Final Fantasy XII Play Arts Kai Fran figure, just in from Square Enix. This game revolutionized perspectives with features like seamless 360-degree battles and a gambit system in which the player can input the actions of the supporting party members.

The valiant warrior Fran is a memory of this. Here she appears true to her detailed game look with her iconic long ears, ornate paintwork on her armor, translucent pieces to resemble clothing adorned with delicate lace, and her favorite bow and arrow! Click the image below to grab her now!


Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children’s Cloud Strife makes an entrance courtesy of Play Arts Kai

Relish the on-screen experience afterglow of this generation’s most iconic video-game franchises! Now you can journey into the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children film with this new development from Square Enix, the Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife! Join the mercenary swordsman as he learns how to be a hero.

Featuring generous articulation and weapons accessories, the 11-inch figure is a must for any serious Final Fantasy fiend. This protagonist is a main fixture of game number “VII” and all of its spin-offs, and your collection won’t be complete without him. Order Cloud Strife on by clicking on the picture below.

Does he store all of his contacts on the iCloud Strife?

Does he store all of his contacts on the iCloud Strife?

Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie is poised for attack

The 2005 Japanese animated science fantasy film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was an important step in the Final Fantasy franchise, and obviously a big deal for longtime fans of the gaming series. Set in the universe introduced in the now-classic 1997 RPG Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children has it all — mysterious kidnappings, an insidious disease and the heroes needed to make everything right again.

One of those heroes is the lion-like beast Red XIII. Tasked with defending the planet against those determined to take it down, he battles ferociously and protects unceasingly. Square Enix has released this guy as the next installation in their Play Arts Kai line, standing five inches tall and caught in mid-roar. The figures in this line feature generous articulation and mind-blowing detail. Feast your eyes upon Red XIII and purchase him to have as your own.

He clearly gave Katy Perry the idea for "Roar".

He clearly gave Katy Perry the idea for “Roar”.

Hero of Light is newest Final Fantasy offering from Square Arts Enix

The first segment of the Final Fantasy series began when the four Heroes of Light appeared in the land of Coneria. Now, SAE has chosen one of them — the “Warrior with Blue Armor” — to exemplify the vision of their new Variant Play Arts Kai series, wherein characters will be rendered true to their original form, but with a very distinct Square Enix aesthetic edge. Designed to make the figurines dynamically fresh, we think the Variant line hits the nail on the proverbial head.

But watch your own (head, that is), as the Hero of Light is poised for battle with more than one mythical blade at his fingertips! He’s 8 inches tall and beautifully painted, too, of course, and comes with accessory parts such as a cloth cape with internal wires for posing, a sword, sword effect pieces, an effect piece display stand, a shield, exchangeable hands and a figure display stand.

The Warrior with Blue Armor might make you re-think your battle skills. You thought the little effort that you put in was enough, girl. How 'bout now?

The Warrior with Blue Armor might make you re-think your battle skills. You thought the little effort that you put in was enough, girl. How ’bout now?

Vincent Valentine Play Arts Kai Figure

Vincent Valentine Play Arts Kai Figure


From Square Enix! Making his appearance to the Play Arts ~Kai~ line is one of the stars of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the Turk-turned-hero after genetic experimentation, Vincent Valentine! He comes with his signature weapon, the triple-barreled Cerberus. Figure comes with interchangeable hands and display stand!  This dude is sooo dreamy!

A word about Epic Mickey and Kingdom Hearts!

Looking at the concept art (see a little more at Blast Magazine, it seems pretty obvious that Epic Mickey is going to show us a side of the mouse we’ve never seen before. With a dark deconstructionist feel permeating both the imagery and the words that we’ve seen and heard about the upcoming game, it should be very interesting to watch how it all plays out. Previously said to be Wii exclusive (it might still be), it promises to be an experience unlike any other. And if you’re a fan of Nintendo’s latest console, you might find, as I have, that they still haven’t used the Wiimote to its full potential. According to reports, Epic Mickey will try to change all that.

Personally, I can’t wait.

Of course, this wasn’t Mickey’s first foray into the video game world. Far from it! In fact, I still remember loving Mickey and Minnie’s Circus Adventure when it first came out years ago. But most recently, he was part of the unlikely combination of Disney and Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts. And I am pleased to say that we’ve got KH merch available over at CmdStore so if you’re a fan of the game or just a few of Disney’s greats, check ’em out!