NEW Nightmare on Elm Street Figures

Nightmare on Elm Street might have been a big success, but the continuation of the franchise and its strange popularity have allowed it to fall comfortably into the “cult classic” zone. And we’ve got two new figures that only serve as a reminder of what this has become.

You’ve got 2 choices of Freddy Krueger right here: Dream Warriors Freddy (including a teeny tiny Elm Street house) and Dream Master Freddy, featuring a number of parts from the bodies of his victims–charming, isn’t he? They’re made by Neca so you can expect some amazing sculpting and great design, plus a post that’s perfectly display-friendly.

NEW From Sideshow and Hot Toys: BRUCE LEE in Enter the Dragon

Hot Toys and Sideshow are both known for their amazing action figures and statues and this doll figure of the legendary actor and martial artist Bruce Lee just keeps up the trend of amazing work on their part. Based on his appearance in ENTER THE DRAGON, this is not only an absolutely beautiful rendering of the man himself, but features a backdrop that makes the whole piece come to life all the more.

Naturally, since it’s a Sideshow/Hot Toys piece, it doesn’t end at the figure or the diorama–there’s so much more! Check out this list of features:

* Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Bruce Lee as Lee in the movie Enter the Dragon
* Two (2) newly developed head sculpts with Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) with different facial expressions, including one (1) battle damaged ver. with scars on both sides of face
* Multi-layered stereoscopic hair sculpture
* Approximately 30 cm tall
* Newly sculpted muscular body with over 30 points of articulation with battle damaged scars on chest, waist and back
* Fourteen (14) pieces of interchangeable palms including:
* One (1) pair of relaxed palms
* One (1) pair of fists
* One (1) pair for holding nunchucks
* One (1) pair for holding rods
* One (1) pair of posing palms during grappling
* One (1) piece for grappling
* One (1) piece of open palm
* One (1) piece for practicing Wing Chun
* One (1) piece with thumb up for imitating his act of nose touching
* Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted
* Two (2) sets of costume including:
* Style 1:
* One (1) piece of Chinese style white shirt
* One (1) pair of dark blue trousers with black waist band
* One (1) pair of white socks
* Style 2:
* One (1) one-piece dark blue stealth suit
* One (1) pair of black socks
* Two (2) pairs of black cotton shoes
* One (1) pair of nunchucks
* Two (2) short rods
* One (1) long rod
* One (1) dark blue bag
* One (1) ball of strings
* One (1) snake
* Two (2) movie-accurate diorama backdrops with Bruce Lee’s Chinese nameplate, Chinese movie logo and MMS DX series title including:
* One (1) imitating the scenario of dungeon in the movie
* One (1) imitating the scenario of mirror room in the movie, with middle part of the mirror which can be rotated with its back showing scene of Chinese cultural implement of punishment
* A transparent pillar to be put in backdrop stand for figure standing and posing

NECA’s Reel Toys: ALIEN

Based on the chilling designs of HR Giger, the creatures of the Alien franchise have become one of cinema’s most enduring, terrifying monsters and classic characters in their own right. Still seen today in films like Aliens vs. Predator and an inevitable future remake, the alien has just been given a great new action figure treatment by the brilliant sculptors and designers at NECA. Here’s a look!

Standing about 7 inches tall and featuring the highly-detailed sculpting a creature as intricately-designed as this requires, the figure is one that fans won’t want to miss, whether they loved the original film or have been following the growth of the franchise in new and different directions.

JUSTICE SOCIETY: Series 2 Arrives!

Cyclone, Hourman, Kingdom Come-style Superman and Stargirl make up the second series of figures from The Justice Society collection by DC Direct. All of them look sharp, standing about 6-inches tall and featuring some great paintwork. Each one is more than loyal to their comic book counterpart, so fans are sure to be pleased.

They can be snagged individually or in a 4-figure set. They join the likes of Sandman, Golden Age Flash and The Atom in what has been a very successful figure line for DC. Check ’em out!

And speaking of DC, have you heard the latest on the Dark Knight sequel (also known as “the third in the Nolan Batman trilogy”) or (the 8th or 9th Batman feature film). Crave Online’s Genevieve Blaber has the news:

Looks like 2012 is going to be a cinematic year to remember. Not only are MGM’s The Hobbit and Marvel Studios’ The Avengers set to hit theaters, but now another big franchise has entered the fray: Batman.

Today, after nearly two years of speculation and rumors, Warner Bros. Studios announced that it would be releasing the third third film in the revamped Batman series, July of 2012.

Only five years ago, we saw the release of Batman Begins, director Christopher Nolan’s grittier, more realistic take on the DC Comics superhero, which was soon followed by The Dark Knight, the behemoth of a superhero flick that took over IMAX theaters with an opening scene shot specifically for the format. While Nolan recently took a break to work on the upcoming film Inception, which features Batman Begins star Cillian Murphy, he’s expected back on the series along with his brother Jonathan who shared screenwriting credits on The Dark Knight.

Of course, just what Batman 3 will be about and who from amongst the cavalry of Batman supervillians will be facing off against the Caped Crusader remains to be seen. But we’re pretty sure the next year will pack plenty of more rumors and whispers of things to come.

Appropriately enough, news of Batman 3 came to us on the same day that Marvel released its first official pic of Thor (as portrayed by Chris Hemsworth) for the upcoming feature of the same name. Thor, along with current box-office favorite Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), and Captain America (Chris Evans who will soon have his own film) will headline The Avengers when the film also sees release in 2012.

As for The Hobbit, which would span two movies, the producer-director team of Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson, have to yet to receive the greenlight to go forward with production, likely as a result of the financial woes plaguing MGM over the last year.

It’s quite the wait. But as usual, merch helps to bridge the gap between films, so here’s a link to CmdStore’s collection of figures, statues and vehicles from The Dark Knight:

Tim Burton’s Next Project: The Addams Family


What do a disembodied hand, a harpsichord-playing, Frankenstein-ish butler and a family of supernatural weirdos have in common with Tim Burton? A single name: Charles Addams.

The noted New Yorker cartoonist is known for creating the characters who became the inspiration for “The Addams Family,” which lived on as a popular 1960s TV show, two feature films starring Anjelica Huston and the late Raul Julia, cartoons, video games and more. The news today comes from Deadline Hollywood, which reports that Burton will be going back to Addams’ original artwork to use as his inspiration for a 3-D, stop-motion animated family film to be produced by Universal subsidiary Illumination Entertainment.

Burton, who is currently flying high following his biggest box-office opening with Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland,” is no stranger to stop-motion animation. He produced Disney’s holiday classic, the Henry Selick-directed “A Nightmare Before Christmas,” and he later directed “Corpse Bride,” which featured the voices of Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Emily Watson and Tracey Ullman. Burton is also currently working on a stop-motion remake of his 1984 short film, “Frankenweenie.”

“The Addams Family,” as they were originally conceived by Addams the artist, were a play on the ideal American family. A wealthy husband and wife with two kids and a live-in uncle, they stood out with their eccentric, ghoulish behavior. Television and film characterizations of the family highlighted the satirical elements, as many might remember most recently from the two Barry Sonnenfeld-directed films.

Deadline reports that Burton intends to look past the more recent interpretations of the family and instead use Addams’ original illustrations for his inspiration. This could mean some changes for fans of the movies and TV show. Thing, for instance, was originally described by Addams as a disembodied head rolling around the family’s mansion but was ultimately changed to a slightly less-morbid hand for TV.

What do you think? Personally, I’d be all for it if I didn’t know that we we’re going to end up with Helena Bonham Carter as Morticia and Johnny Depp as Gomez. Much as I can enjoy those actors and Burton’s direction, I’m definitely tired of seeing the same old thing from him. A lot of filmmakers have their muses, but I feel as though Burton’s duo has gone a little stale after what we’ve seen already. Feature them, perhaps, but I’d rather not see them in the lead vocal roles. I just think that’s a little too much to hope for.

New Avatar Figures!

James Cameron has all but promised that the upcoming sci-fi fantasy, AVATAR, will change the face of cinema as we know it. Though he has offered very few clues about the film itself or the story it tells, his words have made many a critic doubt him and many a fan drool at the prospect of a revolutionary tale from the Terminator creator. Personally, I’m a little on the fence about it as the hype has reached such incredible heights that almost no film could ever hope to live up to it in the eyes of the future watchers. But we’ll see, right?

The film stars Sam Worthington (Terminator Salvation, Clash of the Titans), Zoe Saldana (Star Trek, Vantage Point), Michelle Rodriguez (LOST, Resident Evil), Sigourney Weaver (Alien, Galaxy Quest) and a cast of other top-tier talent.

Before the opening in December 18th, you can already grab some action figures from the film, including a number of strange and wonderful creatures alongside the more mundane humans. Those avoiding spoilers will likely be very confused by some of the items included in Mattel’s toy collection, but it’ll all become clear soon and, until then, just enjoy some very cool-looking items.

New iPhone/iPod Touch app from the NFB

Good news for iPhone/Touch-toting indie flick fans! Here’s the word from CNet

Like indie films? Documentaries? Animation? Ho, boy, have I got an app for you: NFB Films lets you watch over a thousand movies on your iPhone. For free.

The “NFB” stands for National Film Board, a kind of Canadian PBS. The app taps the NFB’s mammoth library of documentaries, animated films, trailers (for upcoming NFB releases), and more.

All the movies are streamed to your iPhone, but there’s also an ingenious “watch later” option that downloads a selected movie for later viewing. However, these downloads expire after 24 hours, not unlike App Store movie rentals, but that hardly seems unfair.

NFB Films includes a Channels section where you can browse various categories, including Documentaries, Kids Cartoons, History & War, and Environment. There’s a search option, natch, and you can add movies to a favorites (sorry, “favourites”) list for easier access.

If you come across a film you want to share with friends, the app lets you send an e-mail that includes a link to the Web version.

A while back I went to see 10 Oscar-nominated short films–five animated, five live-action. They were all tremendously entertaining. Since then I’ve been a lot more open-minded to non-mainstream movie fare like this. So for me, NFB Films is pure iPhone gold. I reckon you’ll love it, too.

To me, this is a pretty awesome move. The NFB’s catalogue has something for everyone no matter what your interest and having them all available for free might be one of the most surprising-yet-awesome moves any company has made for an app yet.