Michael Jackson receives a Figuarts makeover

Who better to regale the music lover’s collection than the King of Pop himself? M.J. is celebrated and honored here by Tamashii Nations’s well-known S.H. Figuarts series. Caught mid-dance, with one arm crooked stylishly in “Smooth Criminal” fashion, Jackson embodied the essence of swagger before any term had even been coined for it.

The 5-inch figure is decked out in a white suit and hat, just like in the legendary song’s accompanying music video that is implanted in the memory of more than one generation of pop fans. A whopping seven interchangeable facial expression, hand, leg, hat and upper body parts (so he can easily shift to the “This Is It” pose) bring this action figure to life. Preorder M.J. now for November shipment.

The only Smooth Criminal.

The only Smooth Criminal.

Sailor Uranus streams in at full velocity from S.H. Figuarts

It’s hard to find something more awesome than teenage Japanese schoolgirls who use supernatural powers to protect the Solar System from evil. Except for maybe Nutella on toast. But we digress. Sailor Uranus is the next Sailor Moon personage to be given a place among S.H. Figuarts collectibles.

This series of figurines is known for its master craftsmanship and attention to detail and aesthetic accuracy, and this 6-inch Sailor Uranus is no different. She’s shown posed proudly and elegantly, true to her assertive personality. And given that Sailor U.’s gender-bending aesthetic (she appears first as Tuxedo Mask) is an important progression in the story arc, she’s essential to cop for your collection. We’ve got you covered — with her partner, Sailor Neptune, too! They’ll be shipping out in February and March, respectively, so reserve yours now.

Known for her powers of swordplay and precognition, Sailor Uranus ain't nothin' to mess with.

Known for her powers of swordplay and precognition, Sailor Uranus ain’t nothin’ to mess with.

Broly is one of the next Dragonball Z personalities to be re-created by Figuarts

The Legendary Super Saiyan will be making his way to North America as early as this January! At 7.5 inches tall, he’s appropriately bigger than other Dragonball Z characters from the Figuarts series. To showcase the dynamic nature of his thrilling and mischievous personality, Broly comes with interchangeable facial expression parts. His muscles are sculpted in striking detail, and his assertive stance shows that he’s prepared for all types of affront to come. A primary villain but also a tragic victim of childhood trauma, Broly is a fascinating character study — and a veritable force. He’ll be ready this winter, so don’t tarry!

Destructive tendencies. Electric hairstyle.

Destructive tendencies. Electric hairstyle.

It’s morphin’ time… obviously.

When is it ever not?! Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, eventually cast aside his evildoing ways and gilded himself with the shining light of goodwill as the White Ranger. But before that happened, he had to get his hands a little dirty. Tamashii Nations is capturing this by making Tommy O. the first ranger to be realized in their Figuarts ZERO series. As one of the most complex and enigmatic rangers, he definitely deserves it. He comes painted in vibrant, gorgeous green detail, from his action-suit pose to his cracked-earth base. True to form, he appears in this statue clutching his Dragon Dagger as a flute to call the Dragonzord. He’ll be ready for shipping out in January, so reserve yours now.

Fun fact: Tommy Oliver eventually receives a doctorate degree.

Who would have thought that Tommy Oliver would eventually receive a doctorate degree?

The Agent of Love is here! Sailor Mercury is the second release in Figuart’s ZERO series

Well, technically she is the Agent of Love and Exams, but we like the first one better. One of the five original Inner Sailor Senshi of the Solar System, Sailor Mercury AKA Ami Mizuno is an iconic character in the Sailor Moon cast. Her powers have to do with water and intelligence — and couldn’t we all use a little bit of that in our lives? Intelligence, that is. Smarten up with this statue whose sculpting work display her aquatic fluidity. Tamashii Nation’s Figuarts collaborated with VOLKS to paint and detail the figurine, as they were the folks who put forth the Sailor Moon figurines that were wildly popular in the ’90s with the release of the TV anime series. Don’t wait on this 7-inch tall beauty.

"Douse yourself in water, and repent!"

“Douse yourself in water, and repent!”

Sailor Moon R Design Bandai Figure

She’s back! Sailor Moon joins the established ranks of the Figuarts ZERO series with her upgraded Sailor Moon R design! Sculpted in an all-new larger scale, she has been meticulously crafted in exquisite detail by the team at VOLKS, the original makers of the popular garage kits released during the original TV anime broadcast twenty years ago. With special attention to not only proportions and accuracy, but also attention to color and detail, Sailor Moon’s uniform employs an elegant pearlescent paint with subtle shadows for added effect. Her “Cutey Moon Rod,” hair, and crescent moon shaped stand all use translucent parts, while her boots stand out against her smooth skin with a glossed enamel shine. She stands 7 1/2″ tall. Window box packaging.

Sailor Moon R Design Bandai Figure