Harness the power of the Galick Gun with Dragon Ball Z’s Vegeta

This new arrival from Tamashii Nations is about to complete your Dragon Ball collection (at least for now)! Consider this Dragon Ball Z Figuarts Zero Galick Gun Vegeta PVC statue, a hot new release that’s sure to wow anime heads. Get ready to dodge the powerful Galick Gun beams shot out by none other than Vegeta, rendered in six-inch form for compact display.

He’s here with his iconic pose, in exacting detail that will keep you staring. In cool shades of aquamarine and cerulean, he looks as much a work of art as he does a statue. Pick him up!

When a longboarder asks for your number

When a longboarder asks for your number

New! Space Battleship Yamato 2199’s Yuki Mori in seven-inch format

This is one for the anime lovers! The star of the Japanese military sci-fi anime TV series is about to stir up your collection, courtesy of Tamashii Nations. A re-make of the 1974 original, the Space Battleship Yamato 2199 series debuting in 2012 has attracted its fair share of devotees. If you’re one of them, we’ve got a special treat for you in the form of the seven-inch PVC Yuki Mori.

Comprising part of the Figuarts Zero series, the courageous heroine and Lieutenant comes outfitted in her trademark yellow-and-black suit. Use the included interchangeable hair accessories to pose her with her hair up or down. Yuki also comes with a display stand for show-off reasons, of course! Pick up this awesome figure today.

Ready to make alien friends.

Ready to make alien friends.

Piccolo statue rounds out the Figuarts Zero lineup

Dragonball Z’s Piccolo was one-third of the seminal Dragon Clan that originally created the Dragon Balls. First a sworn nemesis of Goku because of a duty to avenge his murdered father’s death, Piccolo finally and officially joins the Z Fighters after growing close to Goku’s son Gohan. A complex history ties up this warrior-strategist’s character, and we think he’s a great choice to represent in Tamashii Nations’s Figuarts Zero seven-inch PVC statue series!

The beloved Namekian comes with two interchangeable right hands to switch between battle poses with. A billowing cape in a cloud of ethereal smoke make this statue more lifelike. If you bleed purple blood, snatch Piccolo up!

He looks friendly enough.

He looks friendly enough.

Sailor Mars harnesses her planetary power in statue form

Imagined in 1992 as a protagonist of the shoujo manga-anime series Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars is the Soldier of Flame and Passion, so crucial for an energetically intense collective such as the Sailor Soldiers! Her impressive spiritual and psychic powers balance out her tendency toward bossiness and narcissism, to the chagrin of her fellow cosmic heroines. But regardless, she’s the crew’s second-in-command, and thus she gains the respect she needs to feel grounded.

A standout feature of this figurine comes in the form of its unique articulation — even Sailor Mars’s hair is moveable here, allowing for a diverse range of motion that can place her in any and all action sequences that you can imagine. She is positioned mid-leap above translucent red flames that fade into orange. In her hands, she grasps an arc of fire splayed out to protect and ignite. This Tamashii Nations PVC statue stands five inches tall and is the latest from the Figuarts Zero line. She comes complete with the accessories “Fire Soul”, “Burning Mandala” and “Akuryo Taisan”, as well as multiple hands and facial expressions. Grab Sailor Mars now for delivery in May!

"You will refrain from underestimating women!"

“You will refrain from underestimating women!”

It’s morphin’ time… obviously.

When is it ever not?! Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, eventually cast aside his evildoing ways and gilded himself with the shining light of goodwill as the White Ranger. But before that happened, he had to get his hands a little dirty. Tamashii Nations is capturing this by making Tommy O. the first ranger to be realized in their Figuarts ZERO series. As one of the most complex and enigmatic rangers, he definitely deserves it. He comes painted in vibrant, gorgeous green detail, from his action-suit pose to his cracked-earth base. True to form, he appears in this statue clutching his Dragon Dagger as a flute to call the Dragonzord. He’ll be ready for shipping out in January, so reserve yours now.

Fun fact: Tommy Oliver eventually receives a doctorate degree.

Who would have thought that Tommy Oliver would eventually receive a doctorate degree?

The Agent of Love is here! Sailor Mercury is the second release in Figuart’s ZERO series

Well, technically she is the Agent of Love and Exams, but we like the first one better. One of the five original Inner Sailor Senshi of the Solar System, Sailor Mercury AKA Ami Mizuno is an iconic character in the Sailor Moon cast. Her powers have to do with water and intelligence — and couldn’t we all use a little bit of that in our lives? Intelligence, that is. Smarten up with this statue whose sculpting work display her aquatic fluidity. Tamashii Nation’s Figuarts collaborated with VOLKS to paint and detail the figurine, as they were the folks who put forth the Sailor Moon figurines that were wildly popular in the ’90s with the release of the TV anime series. Don’t wait on this 7-inch tall beauty.

"Douse yourself in water, and repent!"

“Douse yourself in water, and repent!”