Hollywood is Dead

Just spotted on the IndyExhibition Twitter, a link to a poster as cool as it is creepy…

Artist Matt Busch reimagines some of Hollywood’s most iconic posters but gives them a brand new and terrifying look, zombifying members of the cast and adding a kind of gore that’ll keep you satisfied until The Walking Dead comes back next year. Click one of the posters to visit the complete site and enjoy an extremely impressive gallery.

Film Noir Comic Covers by NINJA INK!

Over at NinjaInk’s Deviantart Page, there’s a stunning collection of Film Noir style posters based on a number of superhero and comic book properties. Just take a look at this one!

Very much inspired by film noir and grindhouse posters. This was a collaboration between myself and my friend and fellow artist, John Liem, whom I can’t link to because he lives off the grid in anticipation of the day that Skynet takes over.

He came up with the text, I came up with the illustration based on his descriptions.

The rest of the Noir gallery includes Spider-Man, Batman and Transformers images, plus a ton of other great original and fanart pieces. He’s a real talent and you should definitely make sure to check out all of his DevArt folders to see more of the incredible images he’s created. Click here!