Kotobukiya’s RED HULK Statue: FALL OF THE HULKS

RED HULK from FALL OF THE HULKS is the latest statue from the Japanese statue wizards at Kotobukiya! It stands a full 13-inches tall and looks as imposing as you might expect from one of the best toy houses out there.

Here’s the word direct from the studio!

The Hulk has been a staple superhero of the Marvel Comics for years, battling foes across the universe in epic storylines. In 2008 the gamma-powered powerhouse met his match in a mysterious crimson-hued mirror image: the RED HULK. Massively powerful and frighteningly intelligent, the villain has all of the Hulk’s strengths and none of his weaknesses. With a mean streak matching his might, the Red Hulk (also known as “Rulk”) has beaten many of Marvel Comics’ superheroes and remains a threat to the entire Earth in the current Fall of the Hulk story. Based on the stunning art of Ed McGuinness, the Red Hulk Fine Art Statue continues Koto’s tradition of excellence.

The unstoppable Red Hulk rampages across a blasted volcanic landscape, preparing a lethal blow for his foes. The brute is absolutely covered in rippling muscles, with muscular definition rivaling (and even exceeding) that of Bruce Banner’s gamma-powered form. The detail on the tremendous villain’s intricate sculpt highlights every sinew and fiber of his being, while the fantastic paint work emphasizes his skin’s subtle crimson gradations. A dark smoky gray appears on the Red Hulk’s shredded pants, close-cropped hair, and finger and toe nails. Gleaming white teeth stand in stark contrast to the monster’s gaping maw, while his tiny beady eyes shine with a hellish yellow.

You can display the Red Hulk in two different ways according to your preferences with two included heads; one depicts the monster grinning in evil glee, while the other is a mask of rage crisscrossed by a yellow “X.”

Red Hulk having a Chunky Time!

Red Hulk from the Marvel Select series is my favorite friend. He follows me everywhere….but he has to eat freakin’ 10 times a day. He’s always hungry so I have to pack lots of extra meals to go!

Red Hulk loves southern comfort food but it is hard to find it up in the North. According to my little buddy, Campbell’s Chunky Chicken and Sausage Gumbo soup hits the spot…..if it’s good enough for him….I recommend it too!

Red Hulk Figure with Chunky Soup

Fall of the Hulks

Article by Chris Nikolopoulos (Montreal Comic Book Examiner)

In May of 1962, the world got its first taste of the Incredible Hulk, created by legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Dr. Bruce Banner, showered by gamma radiation, became one of the most iconic characters in comic book history. For decades, the Hulk wreaked havoc in the Marvel Universe, particularly within himself. For years, he was on his own.

Today, it’s an entirely different situation. Walking around the world, and even in other parts of the universe, are Hulk-related beings. To be more specific, there are 8. One is a cousin, another one’s a best friend, two of them are Hulk’s children, and two are still unknown. Marvel Comics is set to begin another big Hulk event called “Fall of the Hulks,” a story in the making since 2006’s “Planet Hulk.”

It’s safe to say that some people might be a little mixed up. This article is for them. This is a quick rundown on where these Hulks come from and where they stand now.

HULK: Dr. Bruce Banner was showered by gamma radiation and became the Hulk. For many years, he was alone. Right now, he’s been deprived from turning into the Hulk by his most recent of enemies, the Red Hulk. Right now, as Bruce Banner, he’s trying to teach his son, Skaar, how to kill the Hulk should Banner ever turn into the jolly green giant again.

SHE-HULK: Jennifer Walters is Banner’s cousin who needed a blood transfusion after a car accident. Bruce was the only family available to give it to her, and thus, she has his radioactive blood inside her, turning her into She-Hulk. She is also a lawyer, often representing the super-human community. Right now, she is MIA since Incredible Hulk #600, and is presumed dead.

RED HULK: Red Hulk, or Rulk for short, is a creation of Gen. Thunderbolt Ross and M.O.D.O.K. as part of the Gamma Power Super Soldier Program. They successfully create a more cunning and calculating Hulk than the original. Unlike the green Hulk, who becomes stronger the angrier he gets, Rulk emits strong levels of heat with rage. His human alter ego remains a mystery to those in the story and the readers, as well.

RED SHE-HULK: Very little is known about Red She-Hulk. Much like her male counterpart, her identity is still a mystery. She possesses super strength, invulnerability, and a strong healing factor that even survived an attack from mutant Wolverine.

SKARR: During the “Planet Hulk” event, Hulk married Caiera and had a child. That child is Skaar, a savage in his own right. After being banished from his home planet, Sakaar, by his mother’s spirit, Skaar came to earth to kill his father, the Hulk. When Banner was depowered and no longer able to turn into his big ol’ green self, he decided to train Skaar on how to kill the Hulk, should his Hulking powers ever return.

A-BOMB: Rick Jones is the reason why Bruce Banner became the Hulk. Banner saved the teenager from a gamma bomb testing, but absorbed all the radiation himself, turning him into the Hulk. Rick stuck around to help Banner deal with the monster inside him. Throughout the years, Rick has been one of Marvel’s most important sidekicks, assisting other heroes such as Captain America, the Avengers, and both Captain Mar-Vell and his son Captain Marvel. Much like Red Hulk, Jones is experimented on by M.O.D.O.K. and Gen. Ross, who turn him into A-Bomb, a new version of one of Hulk’s biggest enemies, Abomination. With much of his intelligence intact, A-Bomb is now helping Banner “raise” his son, Skaar.

LYRA (SAVAGE SHE-HULK): Lyra is the genetically engineered daughter of Hulk and Thundra from another reality. When her people were at risk of extinction, she was brought to the main Marvel Universe (Earth-616) to prevent that. Unlike her “father,” the angrier Lyra gets, the weaker she becomes. She-Hulk and she struck up a friendship, in which Lyra was being helped into adapting to her new world. Now, Lyra is out looking for her friend, who is missing.

With all these Hulks running around, nobody knows what to expect and how dangerous their powerful unpredictability can be. Unfortunately for all these Hulks, M.O.D.O.K. has been a part of a cabal of villains that also include the Leader, Doctor Doom, Mad Thinker, Egghead, Wizard, and Red Ghost. All these other villains got their hands on the knowledge M.O.D.O.K. used to create Red Hulk. They plan to use this knowledge to begin the “Fall of the Hulks.” The event will be written by Jeph Loeb, Greg Pak, and Jeff Parker, while the art is from Ed McGuinness, Paul Pelletier, and John Romita, Jr..

Here is a checklist of the issues that tie-in to this event (December 2009 to April 2010)
Fall of the Hulks: Alpha (One-Shot)
Fall of the Hulks: Gamma (One-Shot)
Hulk #19-22
Incredible Hulk #606-609
Red Hulk #01-04
The Savage She-Hulks #01-02

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