Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology Info!

You might remember our post about INDIANA JONES AND THE ADVENTURE OF ARCHAEOLOGY, (official site) the Indiana Jones world tour that’s set to launch in Montreal and head out internationally later on, bringing Indiana Jones props and memorabilia together with real archaeological treasures and giving fans a change to take a walk in Indy’s shoes!

Now there’s a new way to get more information from fans and for fans: TWITTER and FACEBOOK!

Check back here for updates, too! We’ll be sure to spread any new information that comes in.

It’s not just you: FACEBOOK DOWN!

Nope, it’s not on your end. As the Huffington Post reports, Facebook is currently having a few issues…

Developing–more information to come
Wondering if Facebook is down? It’s not just you!

Users have been reporting issues accessing Facebook, and the website DownRightNow reports that a “service disruption” is “likely.” also confirms that Facebook is currently down.

According to DownRightNow, as of 3:30PM ET, the last status change was 51 minutes ago and the “last widespread service disruption” occurred an hour ago.

TechCrunch points out that Facebook’s downtime has taken the Internet’s Like buttons with it:
This is a problem not just because the site is down, but Facebook’s omnipresent Like button is also completely down, so the entire Internet (or a good percentage of it) is feeling this pain.

This is the second time in two days that Facebook has been experiencing service issues. Yesterday, according to Mashable, problems with a “third party networking provider” caused the disruption.
We’ll keep you updated on its status. In the mean time, follow the Twitter feed below for real-time updates on the outage.

Top 10 Internet Moments of the Decade

The birth of Wikipedia, the death of Napster, the iPhone, Facebook and Twitter have been named by the Webby Awards as among the top 10 Internet moments of the decade.

Other events singled out by New York’s International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, which bestows the annual Webby Awards, were Iran’s election protests, Craigslist’s expansion and the launch of Google AdWords.

The recurring theme among all of the milestones on the list is the Internet’s capacity to circumvent old systems and put more power into the hands of ordinary people.

The Webby Awards list of the 10 most influential Internet moments of the decade:

* Craigslist online classified site expands outside San Francisco (2000)

* The launch of Google AdWords (2000)

* The launch of online encyclopedia Wikipedia (2001)

* The shutdown of file-sharing site Napster (2001)

* Google’s initial public offering (2004)

* The online video revolution led by YouTube (2006)

* Facebook opens to non-college students and Twitter launches (2006)

* Apple’s iPhone debuts (2007)

* The use of the Internet in the US presidential campaign (2008)

* The use of Twitter during the Iranian election protests (2009)

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Watching the Watchmen: DVD, Blu-Ray and Facebook?

When it hits shelves in late July (the official date is still being finalized), the Watchmen Blu-Ray won’t just feature hours of extra footage, motion comics, behind-the-scenes work and commentaries–in addition to all the special features you’d expect, the folks at Warner Bros. have decided to take a new approach to bringing movies and audiences together: Facebook.

Synched-up screenings will take place, allowing people all across the world to talk about and interact with the film in real-time. Of course, this isn’t available for those getting the movie on DVD (don’t worry–all the other features are!), but it seems like it’ll be a cool new way to enjoy films with an even bigger crowd. All in the comfort of your own home!

And, while I’m here and on the topic, take a look at some of the Watchmen figures we’ve got in stock! Nite Owl II is my personal favourite, but we’ve also got Nite Owl I, Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan, the Comedian and more, both in 7-inch and 12-inch form. Definitely worth a look for fans of the film or the original graphic novel!