Marvel Now presents ArtFX+ Emma Frost statue figure

Winter’s freezing temperatures have got nothing on her chill. Kotobukiya debuts the ArtFX+ Marvel Now Emma Frost statue figure, a seven-inch addition to the X-Men lineup by the toy manufacturers.

Based on new artwork by Adi Granov, Emma was commissioned exclusively for this statue series and fully realized by Junnosuke Abe. Experience the full force of her psychic powers in perfect 1/10 scale! A commanding pose and look of concentration recall her genuine comic-book aesthetic.


Emma Frost – Legendary Scale Bust

Emma Frost has never looked better than in this brand new Sideshow bust. Designed at Marvel and Sideshow’s Legendary Scale means that she sits atop her display stand at a full 13”. The detail is stunning– just looking at the delicate lace on her neck and bust, the ‘x’ detail on her zipper, the waves in her golden hair or the lines on her pink lips really drives home just how impressive this is. The paintwork is gentle and the colours soft yet warm, creating a strangely life-like quality to something that remains so brilliantly stylized.