VENOM Mini-Bust

When Peter Parker discovered that the new suit he’d brought back with him from the Secret Wars was actually an alien symbiote, he did everything in his power to rid himself of it. In turn, the alien life form discovered Eddie Brock, a reporter from the Daily Globe that has been humiliated by the wallcrawler, and in bonding with him sparked their mutual hatred of Spider-Man into the raging inferno called Venom!

This 1:6 scale Venom mini-bust is a great new sculpt from Gentle Giant, particularly impressive in its tiny details from the veins on his rippling muscles to the twist of his tongue around his pointed teeth. Fans of the character should definitely add this to their must-have list.

Marvel Select’s ANTI-VENOM

Eddie Brock’s second alter-ego, ANTI-VENOM is stark and striking as an 8-inch Marvel Select figure. Though he’s an absolutely terrifying figure, he nevertheless tends to fight on the side of good–so if you’re looking for a new companion to your heroes or a new adversary to your villains, then look no further! Featuring some fantastic articulation and incredible detail, this new member of the Marvel Select line is one that’s sure to please the fans.

New Marvel Select Figure: Anti-Venom


Presenting a fresh take on a classic villain, this seven-inch action figure release features a new Venom as never before! Fresh from the pages of the Amazing Spider-Man comics, Anti-Venom is featured with a deluxe symbiote base and multiple points of articulation for the character’s action figure debut – making this Marvel Select release a sure-fire hit!  You can purchase this cool figure from our online store….click here.

Marvel Select Anti-Venom Action Figure from Diamond Select