Coming in July: Mezco’s EARTHWORM JIM Figure

Every so often, the patience of a legion of geeks is rewarded with something that feels sent from on-high. This is one of those rewards. Feast your eyes on the new pre-orderable figure from Mezco:

Evildoers beware as Mezco brings the intergalactic hero Earthworm Jim to life as an articulated figure! Jim comes complete with a game accurate plasma blaster as well as his famous ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit.

The 6-inch scale Earthworm Jim features 8 points of articulation. He comes complete not only with his plasma blaster, but with an alternate “bendy” unsuited worm body as well.


New Earthworm Jim? A remake in the works.

Good news for old-school gamers comes from El33t Online!

Gameloft is currently working on a remake of the early nineties classic action platformer, Earthworm Jim, which saw a release on home consoles such as the Mega Drive/Genesis and Super NES in 1994. This much you knew.

A single comparison screenshot has now been released, however, to show the differences in graphical detail between the game’s original release in 1994, and the new remake here in 2009.

Due for release through digital download later this year, the Earthworm Jim remake is based on the Genesis/Mega drive version of the game, but is undergoing a complete overhaul – the new Earthworm Jim will feature smoother animation, better graphics, code rewrites for added features, a selection of difficulty levels and leaderboards, as well as an additional level entitled ‘Big Bruty,’ which was only playable in the special edition Sega CD and PC versions of the original game.

Each version of the game on the supported game platforms, which includes the iPhone, Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360, will be custom tailored to its specific capabilities and graphical abilities. The screenshot on show is from the iPhone version of the game. A version of the new Earthworm Jim is also being considered for PSP.

On a final note, it’s been confirmed that Dave Perry, the original creator of Earthworm Jim and founder of its original development studio, Shiny Entertainment, is not involved with the project, although the original music created by videogame music veteran Tommy Tallarico will be included.

Earthworm Jim is expected to release later this year via digital download, while the Xbox LIVE Arcade version will enjoy a one month period of exclusivity.