Our favourite Trailers and Demos from E3’s opening day!

We love E3 and live for the new releases, the leaks, the announcements, the keynotes and everything else that goes down at the biggest video game show around. Naturally, it’s nearly impossible to cover everything, but here’s a selection of our favourite demos released yesterday. Check these out!

WATCH DOGS by Ubisoft Montreal looks so awesome that we were almost a little sad to see him pull out a gun. It’s not that we don’t like shooters, but can you imagine an urban game where strategy and environmental control was all you had? Definite yes.

THE LAST OF US is an atypical zombie game where the undead are not only just infected, but have fallen victim to a ficionalised version of cordyceps, a monstrous, brain-controlling fungus that also gruesomely rips open the heads of its hosts. Naturally, though, the real enemies are the other humans protagonists Joel and Ellie encounter while trying to make their way across America.

Aveline is the latest assassin to join the franchise in ASSASSIN’S CREED III: LIBERATION and she’s absolutely awesome. This video gives you a closer look at her arsenal.

Final Fantasy: VII now downloadable + Figures!

From Gamespot.com

LOS ANGELES–The entire game industry is working overtime because of this week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, and the people working on Sony’s PlayStation Network store are no different. Ordinarily updated only on Thursdays, the online storefront for the PlayStation 3 and PSP is getting three new volleys of content this week for North American consumers.

Has the statute of limitations on spoilers for this one passed yet?

Sony opened up the release spigot Tuesday with the addition of two hit PlayStation games to the downloadable catalog: Final Fantasy VII and Medal of Honor. Final Fantasy VII is the oldest game in the Square Enix series yet to be remade, but at least those clamoring for Cloud and Sephiroth will be able to relive the original story for $9.99. Meanwhile, Electronic Arts’ original World War II shooter Medal of Honor will cost the more standard $5.99.

The rerelease isn’t the only Final Fantasy-related content new to the PlayStation store. Sony also put up new themes, trailers, and wallpaper for the upcoming PSP fighting spin-off Final Fantasy: Dissidia. Rounding out the releases are free downloadable content for Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce and a slew of E3 trailers for Uncharted 2, Fat Princess, Heavy Rain, and more.

That’s obviously awesome news for everyone about my age who was hopelessly devoted to FFVII on Playstation or, as in my case, PC. It’s still one of the most impressive RPGs ever made and it remains to be seen whether this re-release will lead to a remake. Fingers crossed!

And for more, an old favourite game meets my other passion, action figures, in a ton of toys from the folks at Square-Enix.

And if that isn’t enough, be sure to check out the Kingdom Hearts figures. Some are on pre-order and some are already in-stock, but like the game they’re from, they make a great and unlikely addition to the collection.

Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny — Who’s joining the fight?

The answer is…


From Mobile Mag…

As if it wasn’t exciting enough for all the Sony PSP owners in the audience with upcoming games like Little Big Planet, the Soulcalibur fighting game franchise from Namco is on its way to the Sony handheld and it comes with a rather godly bonus. Just as Namco has done in the past with some of its fighting games, we’re getting a cameo.

For Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, the usual crew of blade-wielding warriors will be joined by none other than Kratos. You might remember Kratos from God of War fame, beating the tar out of opponents many times his size. If he can take on those towering foes, Kratos just may be able to handle Cassandra and Siegfried too. Nightmare could provide for some interesting matchup possibilities though.

The gameplay for the PSP Soulcalibur, the first time the franchise has hit the Sony handheld, is much like what you got in Soul Calibur IV on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. If you’ve ever played any of the other Soulcalibur games in the past, you’ll already be familiar with horizontal strikes, vertical strikes, kicks, blocks, and combinations thereof. From what I can gather, there should be online multiplayer as well.

In addition to Kratos as a guest character, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny for the PSP will also receive a new character named Dampierre. He was not available in the demo, but I am told that he will have two punching daggers as his weapons of choice.

Look for this game to drop on September 30, 2009.

And as far as merch goes, we expect either Neca or McFarlane to cart out some new Soul Calibur figures in the future, but right now we’ve still got a some of McFarlane Soul Calibur II figure in-stock. And if you’re like me and crazy about Voldo, this is sure to please you. As for God of War’s protagonist, we’ve also got a section of Kratos figures from Neca in a number of different forms. Check ’em out!

E3 Expo: June 2nd to 4th, 2009 and Video Game Figures!

Get ready, video game fans! The biggest video game convention in the world, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), goes down June 2-4, 2009 in the Los Angeles Convention Center and you can expect big news from Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and hundreds of others, from developers and designers to writers and artists. It’s going to be awesome!

Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing what surprises are in-store, but be sure to check out the official website for a look at the programming. And we’ll definitely be reporting on the new developments as we hear of them!

For now, video game aficionados can take a look at our selection of VG-related figures and collectibles for an easier way of bringing the virtual world to the real world!

New Legend of Zelda game on its way!

Announced at GDC 2009, there’s a brand new Zelda game headed for the Nintendo DS. Called The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, the design matches that seen in Link’s previous adventures in Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass.

Check out the trailer!

According to an E3 2008 talk by creator Shigeru Miyamoto, the people behind Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass are working on bringing a new Zelda title to the Wii as soon as possible, but that players can expect some major changes from the formula we’ve all gotten used to. And it isn’t that the series is tired, but there are few who would still call it ‘fresh’.

And perhaps the best part of a new game would be that Wii-owners wouldn’t have to feel that mild disappointment that came with Twilight Princess: given the potential inherent to something as new and dynamic as the Wii’s control system, it was unfortunate that it was merely a Gamecube port.

But whatever comes next, it’s sure to have a more organic feel and could very well be Nintendo’s new “Ocarina of Time”.