E.T. Has Arrived!

TWO new figures of E.T. have now arrived and are ready to head home with you. The dragged-up Dress-Up E.T. is joined by the more traditional Galactic Friend E.T. and available individually or as a set of two . The figures are about 7 inches tall, which comes as a bit of a surprise since he’s almost certainly smaller than most characters we usually see at a 6-inch scale. What we think it means, though, is that it’ll just be easier to see the awesome levels of detail NECA has put on these figures.

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

The strange, lovable little alien who stole the world’s hearts in the 80s is at last being given the action figure treatment he deserves. Check out NECA’s gift to nostalgic nerds everywhere!

The “Galactic Friend ET” and “Dress-up ET” are 7-inch figures and can be purchased individually or as a set of two. They’re made by NECA, which means that the detail and sculpting are sure to be awesome. And while NECA isn’t known for offering great articulation, the fact that they’re based on an animatronic character not known for his own movement, these are actually pretty perfect. Order now and they ship out in June!

The Top 10 Worst Movie Games…

There have been incredible advances in video games in the past decade, with stories rivaling those found in films, deep, complex characters, elaborate design and even some amazing soundtracks. They have truly become an art.

But if there’s one thing that always gets in the way of art and that’s money. When the game is developed with cash in mind instead of design, there’s sure to be trouble. Which is probably why most video games based on movies tend to be terrible: they’re rushed into development to meet the height of movie-related hype and the emphasis is on clearing out the stock before word can get out about just how terrible it really is.

Which brings us to this video, which I recently found after researching some truly terrible games on Wikipedia. It’s a hilarious Top 10 List of the very worst movie games ever made, from Catwoman to E.T. and beyond. It just goes to show you what can happen when the Almight dollar trumps the development team’s interest.

Brought to you by Gametrailers.com, you can watch it here…

Meanwhile, here are some toys and collectibles that might help you commemorate your favourite movies and games without tarnishing them both by cramming them into one unsightly package…