Two new figures in the Transformers Age of Extinction Voyager Class series

Our pal Slog isn’t exactly known for his intellectual capabilities (even Grimlock can think circles around him), but his robotic prowess in battle is the stuff of legend! This hero is at times a machine, at times an Apatosaurus/Brachiosaurus hybrid, and as an ancient Cybertron warrior he’s definitely got the chops to merit a place in the Age of Extinction line. Hasbro manufactures this version of Slog as part of the third-wave Voyager Class series, and this 8-inch, window-packaged figurine is naturally the next addition to the Age of Extinction aficionado’s or aficionada’s collection.

We’ve also got Drift, too!

Slog comes with two large, lance-like weapons and two smaller clubs.

Slog comes with two large, lance-like weapons and two smaller clubs.

Transformers Generations: Four New Deluxe Figures

Just arrived!

Four new Transformers vehicles/figures have just come in, featuring new renderings of old favourites from the Transformers Universe. Sold as a set or as individual items, the first wave consists of four figures and leads the charge for a second wave due to hit shelves later this month (but pre-orderable now!).

Each of these figures is part of the deluxe line of toys, standing 6 inches and fully transformable from robot to vehicle and back! (This being as opposed to some other items, which are only the robot version of the character and do not transform–I promise I am well aware of the abilities of the average robot on disguise!)

In any event, here’s a look at 2010’s first wave of Transformers Generations figures.