Which size Bakugans are the best?

We reorganized the Bakugan section in our store, but what you may not know, was we did this in order to make room for the newest line of Bakugan! B2, or Bigger Brawlers, as they are called, is the newest line to be produced, they include all new characters and are about 1.5 times the size of the original Bakugan! We just ran our 3rd Bakugan tournament (November 8th) and it was a huge success with tons of kids battling it out in the Battle Brawler Arena.

Number one question I get about Bakugans:

Q: What are the different sizes of Bakugan available and which one is the one I should be buying?

A: Well, well….this is really two questions. Let me try and answer this. There are currently three different sizes of Bakugan. Series 1 Regular sized are the first ones released over a year ago and Series 2 was release in November/2008 (slighly bigger than regular marbles).  Brand New B2 – Bakupearl just came out recently and are about the size of a ping pong ball. Deka was released a few months ago and are the size of a softball. The most popular sized bakugans are the Series 1, 2 and B2 Bakupearls….so you can’t go wrong buying those. The Deka are less popular because they are big and difficult to carry around.

3 different sizes of Bakugans you can currently buy


How to do a correct bakugan roll so the creature lands on the card:

Bakugan Battle Brawlers by Spin master toys

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The world is being overtaken by Bakugan Battle Brawlers.  Yes…these little marble creatures will soon rule earth.  We have been selling tons of these little creatures from our retail stores and website.  We have opened up thousands of starters and battle packs to fill orders.

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Here is a quick video of the popular characters/creatures from Bakugan…such as Dragonoid, Preyas, Tigerra, and all…..

Toys on Fire (retail store in Nepean, Ottawa) is having their third Bakugan Tournament held at the store on Saturday, November 8th (starts at 2pm).  For Rules and more info…..click here.

Bakugan TournamentBakugan Tournamentbakugan tournament