Dr. Horrible Fan-made Prequel!

Fan fiction has been around almost as long as there’s been fiction at all. People who don’t necessarily have their own original characters or settings try to build their own stories with someone else’s properties. Most of the time, fans are stuck with self-insert stories that simply play into the desires of the writer or maybe just empty, boring tales where the characters are so far from their canonical personalities that you wonder why the author didn’t just create their own. But every so often, you end up with some real gems that don’t just rip off the canon, but take it and make something wildly different, fun and truly respectful of the original. That’s the case with Horrible Turn, a Dr. Horrible prequel made by some die-hard fans and scheduled to be released November 10th, 2009.

Not only was it clearly made with love for the source material, but was endorsed and called ‘cool’ over on Dr Horrible’s OFFICIAL Twitter With that kind of press, it can’t fail! For excited viewers, Horrible Turn is an hour-long musical that, along with that Horrible interruption at this year’s Emmys, might help tide fans over until the promised Dr. Horrible sequel finally comes to fruition. And how’s that going, anyway?

The answer is in an article recently posted over at TV Over Mind, where Nathan Fillion (Captain Hammer) was quoted as saying:

“There are plans. The media for the sequel has not yet been decided, but there is a title.” Naturally Fillion wasn’t about to reveal that title, but he did also confirm that along with the writing of the script, at least a song or two had also been written.

“Joss, I was talking to him right before we won the Emmy,” said Fillion. “He said that he’s finished writing a song or two. He told me a couple of verses to the song.”

There’s still no date set for the production of the sequel, but I personally can’t wait to see it. I’ve still got the original and its soundtrack on my iPod and still loving it.

For those who haven’t joined the club, head over to Amazon.com to grab your copy of Dr. Horrible.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog DVD
Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Soundtrack
Dr. Horrible 2010 Wall Calendar

Geeking out on Twitter!

Geeking out on Twitter!

If you follow the latest in internet trends, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Twitter and you might just have one of your own. Essentially, Twitter is social networking and blogging filtered down to its purest form: every update you make or read must be 140 characters or less in length and answer the question “What are you doing?”

It might not sound like much right now, but it’s big! So big, in fact, that it’s caught the attention of some very noteworthy people–some of them very popular in the world of Geekery (and beyond!) Now, we at CMDStore are already on Twitter (follow our ‘Tweets’ at http://www.twitter.com/CMDStore for updates), but here’s a list of some other Twitters you might want to check out to get your 140-character doses of sci-fi, superheroes, film and TV and more!

Stephen Fry might be familiar to fans of British comedy or British actors in general, but he’s also an absolutely massive techno-geek who was an early joiner to Twitter and updates frequently from both his iPhone and laptop about the latest technology, his incredible world travels and…everything else you could imagine! He updates all the time and is always a treat to read. Find him at http://www.twitter.com/stephenfry

– Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. Dwight Shrute might not be the spokesperson the geek community wants, but the actor who plays him on NBC’s The Office is nevertheless beloved by fans and you can find him on twitter right here Twitter.com/Rainnwilson.

– Mythbusters fan? If you’ve enjoyed watching Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman go to great lengths (explosions, deep-sea dives, firewalking, vodka-making, partying with a ninja, trying to get a duck’s quack to echo, racing, filling a car with dead pigs…to name a few) to bust myths on their popular Discovery TV Show, you might want to check out Adam Savage’s Twitter, appropriately named “Don’t try this”.

– Star Trek: The Next Generation brought new popularity to the waning Star Trek franchise and created a fanbase so large, no one could have foreseen its popularity or its scope. And now three of its stars are tweeting! You can find Brent Spiner (Data), LeVar Burton (Geordie La Forge–or the host of Reading Rainbow!) and Wil Wheaton (the much-maligned Wesley Crusher) all updating regularly about their lives and all things related to new projects. Wheaton also has a lot to say about D&D, video games and books/film he recommends.

Greg Grunberg is a name familiar to fans of NBC’s Heroes, where he plays Matt Parkman, a police officer with the power to read minds. Like most, he tweets about everything, but Heroes viewers will be especially pleased with the exclusive behind-the-scenes content and spoiler-hinting to be found by keeping up with the actor.

– No stranger to internet forums and often a surprisingly strong presence in even the smallest fan circles, Warren Ellis is also Tweeting! The comic book writer generally updates about his days, but you can bet there are some great recommendations and some up-to-date information on future projects from the writer of Transmetropolitan, Jack Cross, Doktor Sleepless and more!

– Fans of Joss Whedon’s supehero/sci-fi musical Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog were re-introduced to Felicia Day (after some other Whedon appearances!) when she starred as love interest, Penny. But she was already big in the geek community as part of World of Warcraft’s The Guild and her reviews of novels, film and television. Definitely worth checking out, she shows that some of the biggest geeks out there today are girls.

– Finally, something a little different. For fans of fantasy, sci-fi and horror (and especially the combination of two or more of those!), look no further than Creepypasta, a Twitter that will keep you up to date on all kinds of spooky media, from film and television to the internet horror microfiction that bears its name!

Keep on tweetin’!