New iPhone/iPod Touch app from the NFB

Good news for iPhone/Touch-toting indie flick fans! Here’s the word from CNet

Like indie films? Documentaries? Animation? Ho, boy, have I got an app for you: NFB Films lets you watch over a thousand movies on your iPhone. For free.

The “NFB” stands for National Film Board, a kind of Canadian PBS. The app taps the NFB’s mammoth library of documentaries, animated films, trailers (for upcoming NFB releases), and more.

All the movies are streamed to your iPhone, but there’s also an ingenious “watch later” option that downloads a selected movie for later viewing. However, these downloads expire after 24 hours, not unlike App Store movie rentals, but that hardly seems unfair.

NFB Films includes a Channels section where you can browse various categories, including Documentaries, Kids Cartoons, History & War, and Environment. There’s a search option, natch, and you can add movies to a favorites (sorry, “favourites”) list for easier access.

If you come across a film you want to share with friends, the app lets you send an e-mail that includes a link to the Web version.

A while back I went to see 10 Oscar-nominated short films–five animated, five live-action. They were all tremendously entertaining. Since then I’ve been a lot more open-minded to non-mainstream movie fare like this. So for me, NFB Films is pure iPhone gold. I reckon you’ll love it, too.

To me, this is a pretty awesome move. The NFB’s catalogue has something for everyone no matter what your interest and having them all available for free might be one of the most surprising-yet-awesome moves any company has made for an app yet.

Super Smashup Bros. and Donkey Business: VG Mashups!

Today, video game music is much like a movie score, featuring real orchestration, hours of tracks and sometimes composed by the very same men and women writing for film. Gone are the days of midis or 100% computer-generated, simple tunes, which some would say is a very good thing.

Some, but not all. There are those like myself who miss a lot of the video game music we grew up with and enjoy the sounds of all the games we used to love. I remember Donkey Kong Country and its beats, unique at the time and a blast to listen to as you explored the jungles. Then there was Super Mario RPG, which brought the drama and triumph of Squaresoft’s usual tracks to Mario’s usual sound. And, of course, one can never forget Sephiroth’s theme from the epic Final Fantasy VII.

Now, thanks to a few DJs and mashup geniuses, though, the songs you know and love are back with a modern pop or hip-hop twist. Here are two awesome mashup albums you can download for free that bring the VG past into the music of today!

First up, here’s Valley of Walls’ Super Smashup Bros, a compilation of various hits from video games like Sonic the Hedgehog and FF7 mashed up with songs from the likes of Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

The track-listing includes songs like “Crank Dat One Winged Angel”, “I Know You Want Wario Stadium”, “Smithy Puts a Ring on it” and “99 Problems Zone”. It’s definitely worth a listen, so you can click the pic above or just click here to check out Valley of Walls’ site.

And for something more specific, check out Norweigan Recycling’s DONKEY BUSINESS!

Featuring music from the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, this album boasts some pretty impressive tracks from the likes of Michael Jackson, Timbaland and Usher. Songs like “The Way Blast Barrels Are”, “I Wish I had Life Balloons” or “Billie Jean Kong” aren’t just cute mashups, they’re quality on their own. If you were a fan of the game or if you’re just seeking a neat addition to your iPod, look no further! You can download it right here. Plus, check out some of his other musical works on the main page.